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Page 2013-01-08 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Jean-Marie, Roger, Simon, Will, Gus, Helen, Kenny, Andrew, Petr, Blazej, Elwood (notes), Chris, (Mark @ office) Remote: Liza, Josh (notes), Stick, Carlos, Andreas, Douglas, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Curtis
Page 2013-01-15 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Roger, Andrew, Helen, Simon, Petr, Gus, Mark, Blazej, Will, Elwood, Kenny, Jason Remote: Andreas, Josh (notes), Liza, Carlos, Ian, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Curtis, Chris (14:38), Douglas (14:39), Stick (14:43)
Page 2013-01-22 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Andrew, Roger, Jean-Marie, Petr, Mark, Helen, Simon Remote: Josh, Stick, Andreas, Kenny, Liza, Melissa, Will, Gus, Carlos, Douglas
Page 2013-02-05 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Jean-Marie, Roger, Kenny, Gus, Colin, Mark, Blazej, Andrew, Pets, Elwood (notes), Will, Simon, Jason Remote: Josh, Douglas, Melissa, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Curtis, Ian, Mark Hiner
Page 2013-02-12 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Elwood, Andrew, Kenny, Helen, Colin, Mark, Jason, Will, Wilma, Petr, Simon, Roger, Jean-Marie Remote: Josh, Chris, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Ian, Jesse, Liza, Mark Hiner, Sebastien, Douglas
Page 2013-02-19 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Kenny, Joyce, Helen, Gus, Mark, andrew, Will, Petr, Blazej, Elwood, Chris, Jean-Marie, Simon, Roger Remote: Douglas, Colin, Jason, Liza, Andreas, Mark, Sebastien, Jesse, Melissa, Josh
Page 2013-02-26 Tuesday Meeting
Attending: CANCELLED
Page 2013-03-05 Tuesday Meeting
Attending: Dundee: Kenny, Jean-Marie, Helen, Gus, Andrew, Roger, Will, Blazej, Simon, Mark, Petr, Chris, Elwood, Jason Remote: Josh, Curtis, Stick, Colin, Carlos, Andreas, Jesse, Kevin, Sebastien, Mark Hiner, Liza, Melissa
Page 2013-03-12 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Kenny, Elwood, Will, Gus, Helen, Joyce, Mark, Andrew, Colin, Blazej, Roger, Jean-Marie, Petr, Chris, Simon, Jason Remote: Jesse, Jos, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Curtis, Ian, Ivan, Josh, Kevin, Liza, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Sebastien
Page 2013-03-19 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Kenny, Simon, Jean-Marie, Blazej, Helen, Petr, Mark, Gus, Joyce, Andrew Remote: Chris, Josh, Carlos, Liza, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Ian, Curtis, Colin, Douglas
Page 2013-03-26 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Blazej, Jason, Petr, Gus, Mark, Helen, Simon, Joyce, Will, Jean-Marie, Chris, Elwood Remote: Josh, Sebastien, Ola, Andrew, Curtis, Stick, Liza, Melissa, Ian, Kevin, Ivan, Sebastien, Mark Hiner, Douglas, Kenny
Page 2013-04-02 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Jason, Chris, Kenny, Ola, Colin, Petr, Mark, Gus, Joyce, Will, Scott, Roger Remote: Andreas, Laura, Liza, Mark, Melissa, Sebastien, Wilma, Carlos, Stick, Curtis, Douglas, Niko
Page 2013-04-09 Tuesday Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Kenny, Jean-Marie, Joyce, Ola, Roger, Blazej, Andrew, Petr, Mark, Elwood, Helen, Simon, Jason, Will Remote: Colin, Josh, Melissa, Ian, Curtis, Kevin, Laura, Mark Hiner
Page 2013-04-16 Tuesday Meeting
Page 2013-04-23 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Kenny, Gus, Joyce, Mark, Blazej, Elwood, Petr, Simon, Ola, Andrew, Will, Roger Remote: Colin, Josh, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Curtis, ian, Liza, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Nico, Sebastien, Laura
Page 2013-04-30 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Jason, Kenny, Gus, Joyce, Andrew, Mark, Colin, Will, Roger, Helen, Scott Remote: Josh, Ola, Andreas, Ian, Stick, Carlos, Liza, Ivan, Mark, Laura, Melissa, Niko, Sebastien, Curtis
Page 2013-05-07 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Colin, Joyce, Gus, Blazej, Ola, Jean-Marie, Will, Kenny, Helen, Scott, Roger, Petr, Andrew Remote: Josh, Chris, Liza, Wilma, Douglas, Curtis, Ian, Mark, Melissa
Page 2013-05-14 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Petr, Jean-Marie, Ola, Blazej, Mark, Gus, Helen, Scott, Kenny, Joyce, Roger, Simon Remote: Carlos, Colin, Josh, Liza, Ian, Andreas, Andrew, Stick, Laura, Mark, Niko, Melissa, Curtis, Douglas
Page 2013-05-21 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Jean-Marie, Roger, Helen, Blazej, Mark, Gus, Petr, Colin, Joyce, Scott, Simon, Will, Ola Remote: Wilma, Andrew, Laura, Ian, Andreas, Stick, Josh, Kenny, Liza, Mark H, Melissa, Niko, Sebastien S, Sebastien B, Carlos (14:38), Douglas (14:38), Curtis
Page 2013-05-28 Tuesday Team Meeting
Attendance : Dundee: Kenny, Gus, Petr, Mark, Chris, Ola, Helen, Andrew, Joyce, Jason, Simon Remote: Josh, Sebastien, Jean-Marie, Kevin, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Colin, Douglas, Ian, Laura, Mark H, Melissa, Niko, Zeb
Page 2013-06-04-Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Gus, Chris, Kenny, Mark, Blazej, Jason, Petr, Helen, Simon, Ola, Andrew, Joyce, Colin Remote: Josh, Carlos, Will, Stick, Douglas, Ian, Laura, Jean-Marie, Melissa, Seb, Zeb
Page 2013-06-11 Tuesday Team Meeting CANCELLED
Page 2013-07-02 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Jason, Kenny, Chris, Jean-Marie, Andrew, Ola, Blazej, Mark, Gus, Helen, Petr, Simon, Roger Remote: Josh, Ivan, Carlos, Colin, Ian, Liza, Mark H., Melissa, Sebastien, Sebastien
Page 2013-07-09-Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Will, Chris, Helen, Petr, Kenny, Andrew, Ola, Simon, Roger Remote: Blazej, Jason, Ian, Sebastien, Carlos, Colin, Ivan, Douglas, Kevin, Mark, Melissa, Sebastien,
Page 2013-07-16 Tuesday Team Meeting
Page 2013-07-23 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Andrew, Gus, Mark, Chris, Petr, Helen, Blazej, Simon, Ola, Roger, Kenny (14:42) Remote: Sebastien B, Colin (bad connection), Ian, Andreas, Curtis, Douglas, Mark, Melissa, Sebastien S
Page 2013-07-30 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Kenny, Mark, Chris, Jason, Jean-Marie, Blazej, Petr, Helen, Roger, Will, Ola, Andrew, Simon Remote: Josh, Andreas, Carlos, Kevin, Douglas, Ian, Liza, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Seb. Simard
Page 2013-08-06 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Mark, Kenny, Andrew, Gus, Helen, Blazej, Ola, Jason, Jean-Marie, Roger, Simon Remote: Colin, Josh, Douglas, Sebastien B, Mark H, Melissa, Sebastien S, Chris C
Page 2013-08-13 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Kenny, Gus, Will, Helen, Mark, Blazej, Jason, Jean-Marie, Colin, Andrew, Roger, Simon Remote: Tofu, Curtis, Ian, Carlos, Douglas, Josh, Liza, Mark H, Melissa, Sebastien B, Sebastien S
Page 2013-08-20 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Kenny, Gus, Mark, Jean-Marie, Will, Blazej, Jason, Helen, Andrew, Simon, Roger Remote: Colin, Ola, Ian M, Sebastien B, Mark H, Josh, Curtis, Carlos, Melissa, Douglas
Page 2013-08-27 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Jean-Marie, Jason, Ola, Blazej, Roger, Helen, Mark, Petr, Gus, Will, Andrew, Simon Remote: Josh, Kenny, Wilma, Mark H, Sebastien, Liza, Melissa, 14:38 UK - Curtis, Douglas
Page 2013-09-10 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Kenny, Simon, Gus, Colin, Will, Helen, Mark, Blazej, Petr, Chris Remote: Ian Munro, Jean-Marie, Curtis, Josh, Mark H, Sebastien Simard, Sebastien Besson, Douglas, Carlos, Ivan (14:39), Kevin (14:40)
Page 2013-09-17 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Remote:
Page 2013-10-01 Tuesday Team Meeting
Attending: Dundee: Chris, Simon, Gus, Jason, Petr, Helen, Andrew, Colin, Roger, Blazej, Mark, Jean-Marie, Ola Remote: Sebastien B, Josh, Mark H, Melissa, Sebastien S, Will, Ian M
Page 2013-10-15 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Will, Gus, Andrew, Colin, Blazej, Petr, Jean-Marie, Chris, Kenny, Jason, Jim Procter, Geoff Barton Remote: Sebastien, Helen, Roger, Carlos, Curtis, Douglas, Ian, Melissa, Sebastien
Page 2013-10-22 Tuesday Team Meeting
Attending: Dundee: Will, Kenny, Emil, Helen, Petr, Mark, Jean-Marie, Chris, Andrew, Simon, Roger Remote: Sebastien B, Sebastien S, Melissa, Mark H, Carlos, Colin, Ola, Ian, Blazej, Douglas, Curtis
Page 2013-10-29 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Gus, Simon, Kenny, Jason, Petr, Will, Roger, Emil, Mark, Blazej, Jean-Marie, Colin, Helen, Andrew, Ola Remote: Josh, Ian, Chris Allan, Carlos, Mark, Melissa, Seb S, Seb B, Andreas
Page 2013-11-05 Tuesday Team Meeting
Page 2013-11-12 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Kenny, Gus, June, Helen, Petr, Will, Mark, Colin, Jean-Marie, Blazej, Roger, Simon, Jason, Ola, Emil Remote: Sebastien B, Sebastien S, Josh M, Joshua B, Mark H, Douglas, Carlos, Melissa, Curtis
Page 2013-11-19 Tuesday Team Meeting
Page 2013-11-26 Tuesday Team Meeting
Dundee: Chris, Simon, Gus, Helen, Will, Colin, Andrew, June, Petr, Mark, Ola, Jean-Marie, Sebastien B, Kenny, Roger, Emil Remote: Andreas, Josh M, Mark H, Seb S, Ian, Melissa, Douglas, Josh B, Carlos, Curtis
Page 2013-12-03 Tuesday Team Meeting
Attending: Dundee: Kenny, Emil, Petr, Ola, Mark, Blazej, Jean-Marie, Chris, Will, Andrew, Roger, June, Gus, Helen, Jason Remote: Douglas, Melissa, Carlos, Josh M, Josh B, Mark H, Sebastien S, Sebastien B
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