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The OME Products

View the latest products released by the Open Microscopy Environment

The OMERO Platform

From the microscope to publication, OMERO handles all your images in a central repository.
You can view, organize, analyze and share your data from anywhere you have internet access. Work with your images from a desktop app (Windows, Mac or Linux), from the web or from 3rd party software.

The Bio-Formats Library

Bio-Formats, the solution for reading and writing microscopy file formats.
Bio-Formats is a standalone library for reading and writing microscopy file formats. It can be used from standard applications like ImageJ and MATLAB, or from your own code. Bio-Formats takes the hard work out of supporting multiple image file formats.

The OME-TIFF File Format

OME-TIFF, the solution for storing rich metadata along with your microscopy image data.
OME-TIFF is a TIFF image format with an OME-XML block in the file header, allowing you to store the rich metadata defined by the OME Data Model alongside your pixel image data.

OME Files C++

OME Files, the solution for C++ developers to support the OME data model and OME-TIFF in their software.
OME Files C++ is a reference implementation of the OME data model and the OME-TIFF file format for C++ developers who wish to integrate support for the OME data model and reading and writing the standard OME-TIFF file format into their software.

Partner Projects

The OME Consortium includes labs across Europe and the USA working on integrating additional functions and modules with OMERO.
Our partners are extending OMERO, allowing you to carry out analysis on images stored in an OMERO.server, and also to use OMERO for non-image data.

Legacy Products

Software no longer under active development.
We have a collection of older versions of OME software that, while fully functional, are no longer being actively developed.
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