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Introducing the new generation of OME software


The OMERO and Bio-Formats 5 series are designed to improve our handling of complex multidimensional datasets. They are based around OMERO.fs - a new file system which stores the original files on the server and uses an upgraded version of Bio-Formats to access the data for the client.

What is different?

For users:

  • Files are uploaded in their original format, meaning file names and any nested directory structure are preserved on the server.

  • Import checks that uploaded files are not corrupted. Confirmation of file integrity is provided by checksums at upload, giving you extra confidence that your files are safely stored.


  • Once your files are uploaded, the clients work just as they do in the 4.4 series, the only difference is you can always export the files in their original format.

For system administrators:

  • As files are now stored on the server in their original format, preserving file names and directory structures, the import process does not duplicate pixel data and storage requirements are roughly halved in comparison with a 4.4 import including archiving the original files.

Current limitations

The full, production-ready release of 5.0.0 is now available. See the release announcement for full details.

There are still API changes planned to support many new imaging modalities. These will come in with the release of OME 5.1. We'll do our best to announce these changes early, and provide as much documentation and information as possible.

Further information

We are currently updating the OMERO 5 documentation and the Bio-Formats 5 documentation with full details of the OMERO.fs changes.

You can find a summary of the changes for each section of the OMERO documentation on:

There is also an updated list of supported formats for Bio-Formats 5.


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