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Contact Us

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You can contact us for help and advice by using the forums or mailing lists. Using these public feedback options means the whole community can take part and benefit.
Our forums allow the whole OME community to share their expertise and offer solutions.
Mailing Lists
We have two mailing lists for support-related requests and discussions.
Report a Bug
You can submit a bug report via our QA system for feedback and support.
Report a Security Issue
You can email us privately and securely to report any security issues. Full details on the Security Vulnerability page.
Submit Files
Bio-Formats relies on the community to submit example files to improve support for different formats. Your data will never be shared unless you give us permission.
Demo Server
You can test out OMERO by signing up for our Demo server service.
Sales Queries
Our commercial spin-out company, Glencoe Software, handles commercial licensing and support contracting. If you are looking for a quotation for these services, please contact them directly.

Project News

News and Events
Keep up with all the main project announcements and events via our News feed.
Meeting Minutes
As an open source project, we are dedicated to openness. You can read all our minutes to keep up-to-date on what we are working on.
NEW Roadmap
You can now also keep up with the project roadmap and work planning using our public Trello boards. See Getting Started for further info.

Other Community Services

Sharing Expertise | Job Openings | Use Our Logos

Script Sharing
Scripts: Plugins for OMERO, allowing you to add functionality. Check out the scripts developed by our community.
Job Openings
Here at OME, we are always striving to achieve more for our users. Want to come work with us? Vacancies are advertised here.
Use Our Logos
All our logos are available, along with usage guidance and image previews.
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