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The planned direction of future development.

The OME Consortium has developed and delivered tools that are used across the academic and commercial sectors to support imaging research. OME supports a large, broad community and has a strong reputation for delivering usable tools that enable data access and sharing.

During 2012, we've been evaluating our position in priorities, across the project, and with the help of the community (thanks to all for the presentations and feedback at the 2012 OME Users Meeting). We're grateful for the recognition and support we've received. Our recent Wellcome Trust Strategic Award (Ref: 095931) and grants from the BBSRC (Ref: BB/I000755 & BB/G022585) all prioritise interoperability and linkages with other projects, applications, and facilities. Now more than ever, we want to deliver our technology to as wide a community as possible, and move towards a cohesive, powerful platform for biological data access, processing, analysis, sharing, and publication that can be used across the academic and commercial sectors. The maturation of a number of complementary open source bioimage and data projects make this goal more than just a possibility, and actually realisable on a reasonable timescale.

To this end, our overall objectives for the next three years target:

  • expanded coverage of image data, extending the imaging domains supported by OME's tools;
  • a comprehensive, flexible, and robust platform for image data analysis that complements and interacts with major desktop image processing platforms (e.g., ImageJ, Icy, etc.) and data analysis tools (e.g., CellProfiler, KNIME, R, etc.);
  • an easy, standardised image data publication facility that supports formal (e.g., JCB DataViewer) and informal (e.g. ASCB CELL Image Library) publication of scientific image data and that institutions can use for their own data repositories (e.g., Stowers Original data Repository and Monash University);
  • an expansion of our existing support system to help drive use of OME tools by scientists worldwide.

For details on our work, see the OME Trac system, or you can now use our public Trello boards to keep up-to-date - see our public-facing workflow documentation for further details.

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