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2013-02-12 Tuesday Meeting

Dundee: Elwood, Andrew, Kenny, Helen, Colin, Mark, Jason, Will, Wilma, Petr, Simon, Roger, Jean-Marie Remote: Josh, Chris, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Ian, Jesse, Liza, Mark Hiner, Sebastien, Douglas

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. Jason: Upcoming OME Dev & PI Mtg: Overview of Goals & Agenda (30 mins)

    • Jason: 36 people are attending local & remote.
    • Preliminary program. 2 days.
      • Wed. morning international arrivals (5 externals)
      • Dundee’s invited to dinner.
      • Start Thursday at 9am.
      • Good to have presentations from all, but don’t have time.
      • Reasonable number of PIs, they summarize
      • Dinner on Thursday for 35 somewhere to be confirmed
    • PIs leave midday-ish
    • Questions:
      • Things for Thursday afternoon/Friday? (e.g. Ivan coming in Monday)
      • Jean-Marie: Presentations demo for FS timeslot or in parallel
      • Jason: Friday morning / Thursday evening, demos of functionality, FS / Searcher etc.
      • Google doc. See Scott’s template. Topic names/people
      • Where? Dalhousie has been good, lots of rooms, wireless works. IDs work as well. Rooms & sizes are available, catering is easy.
      • Goal is to get everyone together and see where everyone is. Improve communication and share ideas & progress.
  3. Glencoe Update

    • Chris: Completing JCB Dataviewer redesign & other customers.
    • Chris: Not much w.r.t open source conrib yet.
    • Chris: Jesse brought up to speed. 4.4.7 C++ integration.
    • Chris: Aim to get Andreas’s contrib in to mainline
    • Chris: Mac mini’s up-to-date
    • Stick: 10.7 macs in to OME Jenkins
    • Chris: @Jason - queries from Angus’s lab people requesting to use our build resources
      • Jason: Capacity / load
      • Josh: More disk space, CPU time not to worry about
      • Jason: Will chat with Angus
  4. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • FS Testing scenarios in preparation - please indicate in the PR the DESCRIPTION of the changes (effects on UIs) and as much of testing ideas as possible Clients tab
      • Petr: Working on specific scenarios, should test FS changes and test mixed FS/non-fs data.
      • Petr: Add testing details to PR & tickets for tasks to enable scenario updates.
      • Petr: Big image testing on Thursday
      • Jean-Marie: Some testing w.r.t permissions for EuroBioImaging
        • Jason: Visitor to a facility gather data and facility manager can import data into that user’s ‘area’ e.g. OMX
    • Jean-Marie: Visiting Sebastien for matlab integration.

Done: 15:09 * OME Dundee Annual Leave Policy

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