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2013-11-12 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Kenny, Gus, June, Helen, Petr, Will, Mark, Colin, Jean-Marie, Blazej, Roger, Simon, Jason, Ola, Emil Remote: Sebastien B, Sebastien S, Josh M, Joshua B, Mark H, Douglas, Carlos, Melissa, Curtis

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Testing update/project status (Petr) - 14:32 UK

    • DB upgrade from 4.4 to 5.0, data on howe brought into staging server
    • testing done with 5.0 server using images imported under 4.4
    • big images, projections, downloads, viewing and ROIs, SPW, etc.
    • Blazej noticed issues with big image tiles not loading, and rendering setting change propagation
    • Jean-Marie: few key problems but nothing dramatic
    • Jean-Marie: for Thursday morning try mixing data imported before and after upgrade
    • image names must be marked clearly with if they were imported under 4.4 or 5.0
    • Ice 3.5 Windows issue, so downloads page adjusted to favor Ice 3.4
  3. PR workflow discussion - 14:39 UK

    • 'Exclude' vs 'close' PRs
      • Josh: Andreas would like something between the two
        • can’t exclude one’s own PR
      • Helen: perhaps snoopy could read --exclude comments
        • Seb S: people could then un-exclude their build-breaking PRs
        • Chris: snoopy could look at both issue label and PR comments
      • Mark: prefer not to close PRs, so as not to forget that some work was pending
      • Curtis: use snoopy as proxy to parse commands and label accordingly
        • Jean-Marie: would be a good start
        • Chris: parse when merge build runs
    • docs PRs on both branches at once to avoid further nitpicky changes on rebase
      • Colin: people can find issues with rebases, and then with the rebases of the rebases, etc., so perhaps only merge once corresponding PRs on both branches are accepted
  4. Update on OME Priorities and Project Management (on Trello) (Jason) - 14:55 UK

    • thank you to those who have been handling e-mails they have been sent on these matters
    • please do highlight omissions, as list now seems fairly complete
    • will be moving on to voting on what to do when
      • what to target for next three to four months
      • what to target for the summer users’ meeting
    • SAB report will be put onto squig, generally positive (especially on quality, sophistication)
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits (Jason) - 14:58 UK

    • major effort to increase outreach
    • multiple opportunities in UK
    • ABRF meeting in Albuquerque, NM in March
      • could stop at other places in US on same trip
    • presenting broad view of what is going on in the project across the consortium
  6. Glencoe Update - 15:00 UK

    • busy with various things
      • scripts, features, tables
      • further discussions to come, incl. ROIs
  7. Consortium Update - 15:02 UK

    • Curtis: work on SCIFIO, command-line tools, ImageJ, BF5, running scripts in OMERO
    • Seb B: working on GUI, enabling Petr’s testing; fixing tickets
    • Douglas: new repo on Douglas’ GH page, LDAP migration helper for OMERO authentication
      • Jean-Marie: rendering settings, permissions, etc.?
      • Douglas: will provide feedback soon
    • Jean-Marie: Imperial want to roll out OMERO with FLIMfit over coming months
    • Chris: Woolz? (Jianguo)
      • Roger: now on gretzky, just restart server, can then try imports
  8. From last week: Youtube for demo videos (of not-released functionality) - 15:08 UK

    • Jean-Marie: YouTube could be a good place for posting our videos on an OME channel
    • Jason: can be okay if shown software is not yet released
    • Will: once figured out HD, audio, etc. it seemed nice, and text was legible
    • Colin: need to curate videos, not leaving obsolete ones seeming current
  9. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:10 UK

    • Jason: is in Bangalore for rest of the week
    • Jean-Marie: next week BioBank / CRS4 presentation, Dundee meeting in WTB front as other groups invited
      • hopefully move unrelated urgent matters to stand-up and nitpick
    • Jason: CLS has schools outreach coordinator
      • Jason: would like to do something, speak up if you would like to be involved
      • Kenny: likes the idea of going out to the schools (with OMERO)
      • entering CLS image repo in Outreach competition in conjunction with Sam Swift and Markus Posch was suggested but timescale is too long. We can do it ourselves.
    • outreach: demo in Dundee. Date 26/11 (11-2pm), 02/12 (1.30-4.30pm), 05/12 (11-2pm). Dates to be announced at GRE symposium, sheet available on the day
      • Jason: outreach within GRE: GRE can offer resources to help us deliver OMERO to them
        • starting to find the labs who would benefit (U-Track, ImageJ scripts, etc.)
        • set up new production servers at CLS
      • June: maybe reach out to some people before symposium?
        • Jason: yes, could announce to GRE-Everyone mailing list soon
      • Jason: aim to book people for ninety-minute sessions, running concurrently
    • Demo next week (40mins slot) at Scottish Microscopy Symposium
      • Jean-Marie: will demonstrate OMERO 5, will use gretzky
    • Jason: UK facility managers’ meeting early next year, in Leeds

Done 15:31 UK

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