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2013-09-10 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Simon, Gus, Colin, Will, Helen, Mark, Blazej, Petr, Chris Remote: Ian Munro, Jean-Marie, Curtis, Josh, Mark H, Sebastien Simard, Sebastien Besson, Douglas, Carlos, Ivan (14:39), Kevin (14:40)

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Testing update (tickets) - Blazej - 14:40 UK

    • one bug fixed, now five failing tests
    • plans made with Jean-Marie, Josh, Melissa for Testing2 trac milestone
    • Python tests now being worked on (Colin, Carlos, etc.)
    • SLF4J update broke integration tests, now fixed
    • next issue is timeouts in CI jobs running tests on resource-constrained nodes
    • also, ticket #11431 (pytest in CI)
    • ticket #2101, copying method documentation
      • Josh: would be good to do, but must note changes in argument types and exceptions
    • JM: Insight tests passing in robot framework CI build
      • excluding web tests (RF/Selenium)
        • permissions problem on CI node
        • will address in subsequent PR after SAB meeting, still in time for 4.4.9
      • could now add further tests to UI-related PRs
    • Carlos’ work won’t collide with Robot Framework / Selenium activity
    • Colin and Blazej working on build-side issues, Ola or Carlos may help
      • Carlos will respond to Ola’s PR
      • Will has PRs that change Blitz gateway
    • Ola: where to put tests?
      • OMERO gateway tests can be put under OMERO pytest
      • Colin: moved from unittest to pytest, will show Ola
    • Colin: pytest allows marking tests as failing, to be skipped, etc.
  3. 4.4.9 update (tickets) - Petr/Mark- 14:48 UK

    • In the OMERO-4.4.9 milestone there are 57 open tickets and 51 closed tickets.
      • The 11 closed blockers are mostly Insight, and some Scripting and Services.
      • The priorities of the open tickets, largely bugs, are,
        • 11 blockers
        • 33 critical
        • 7 major
        • 6 minor.
    • 4.4.9 also includes progress on an online script repository.
    • All the open tickets are assigned.
      • There are no more than 3 blockers per person.
      • There are no more than 3 critical per person,
        • except that Josh has 10 critical, some Services, and Jean-Marie has 7 critical, all Insight, as well as 3 blockers each and some lower priority tickets.
    • Ticket counts are approximate: they change in real time.
    • Themes of bugs include graphs, permissions, and Ice.
    • When fixing some bugs, extra time will be taken to ensure automated test coverage of the relevant code.
    • How about #10665?
      • Part of some work on rendering settings (cf. publication) (not 4.4.9)
      • Chris: may have already fixed this bug in OMERO 5 (#11427)
    • Josh: will dig through his tickets, some will be too large / dangerous to attempt
    • Josh: SVGRasterizer issue, ticket #11438, Blazej may be able to comment helpfully
      • may relate to older OpenJDK versions
  4. Infrastructure - Sebastien - 14:55 UK

    • State of Build/Servers
      • pretty good, few failing builds
    • Preparation for SAB. Anything needed by anyone?
      • a server will soon be ready, here in Dundee, will dump Warlock state for it
        • people can add images for their demos
        • will ask Ian’s question about projectors, etc.
        • will also bring a backup server on a laptop
        • e-mail coming soon - how to upload, etc.
        • Petr: please upload data into new users / groups, not mixing with others’ data
  5. Glencoe Update - Chris - 14:59 UK

    • recruitment, hoping to fill one position this week, the other next
    • populating two-screen 1.7TB dataset for JCB
    • so, Andreas’ tagging work on back-burner lately
  6. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:01 UK

    • Presentations
      • Josh: present on Robot Framework next week?
        • Jean-Marie: a short overview would be useful
        • Will, Ola, Mark: yes, can probably put at least something together for next week
      • Josh: generally restart almost-weekly presentations?
    • Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits
      • Gus is trying to get something going with MRC Edinburgh
    • September newsletter? Trailing (pre) 4.4.9 release with new script workflow and system requirement changes
      • just a suggestion, could well be better ways to spend the time this month
    • Testing software - let us vote ? - general feeling ?
      • Petr: we tried out MozTrap, Tarantula, Squash, Testuff
      • Gus: which make Petr’s life easier?
      • will discuss after stand-up tomorrow via Skype
      • Jean-Marie: don’t have high expectations, just accept and move on
      • Jean-Marie: whoever has tested one of the tools and wants to join, feel free
      • have tried enough options, each one is more work

Done 15:13 UK

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