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2013-05-21 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Jean-Marie, Roger, Helen, Blazej, Mark, Gus, Petr, Colin, Joyce, Scott, Simon, Will, Ola Remote: Wilma, Andrew, Laura, Ian, Andreas, Stick, Josh, Kenny, Liza, Mark H, Melissa, Niko, Sebastien S, Sebastien B, Carlos (14:38), Douglas (14:38), Curtis

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. Glencoe Update - 14:32 UK

    • Chris: working with J-M, 2 topics
      • Usage of creation and manipulation of rw-groups in Insight & Web
      • Extensions to the tagging system, looking at Gus’s mockups
      • Will: specifically adding tags dialogue, not filtering/searching
  3. OMERO.searcher update (Simon Li, 10-15 mins) - 14:37 UK

    • Problems with scale (10x and 40x)
    • Single channel, single timepoint, single z-section
    • Doesn’t fit within permissions model
    • Separate database for features, no trigger to update on image deletion
    • Jean-Marie: specify channel?
    • Will: difficult across z index
    • Chris: missing integrations? auto feature detection...
    • Simon: No data permissions, error handling, search sometimes fails for image without features
    • Chris: feature calculations per user/group
    • Roger: apply to wnd-charm?
    • Simon: omero.searcher specific UI, potential of some cross over
  4. FS Import mini-Demo later this week - steps 2, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12 - 15:02 UK

    • Jean-Marie: Milestone updated for the demo, multi-image file, update if anything missing
    • Petr: Problem with import whole folder
    • Jean-marie: Closed demo with remote people, let us know
  5. Satellite Update (every month) 15:04 UK

    • Curtis: pursuing shipping bio-formats stable, imagej2 access to scifio, eliminate dual update site
    • Curtis: near future focus on omero / imagej2 work
    • Ian: would like to talk about integrating better, maybe in the clients
    • Sebastien: strategy around launching clients
    • Jean-Marie: Michael Porter will help with some matlab testing
  6. MIF delete (Will 5 mins) 15:10 UK

    1. Wasn't discussed enough at Demo 3.
    2. Partial delete was allowed, now blocked.
    3. "Chris: see not being able to delete as problematic."
    4. Gus is prototyping 'fileset display' - what about MIF delete?
    5. Chris: being as conservative as possible
    6. Jean-Marie: as we don’t have feedback yet, to be resolved later
  7. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Elwood: last day May 31st. Drink after work.
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