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2013-05-14 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Petr, Jean-Marie, Ola, Blazej, Mark, Gus, Helen, Scott, Kenny, Joyce, Roger, Simon Remote: Carlos, Colin, Josh, Liza, Ian, Andreas, Andrew, Stick, Laura, Mark, Niko, Melissa, Curtis, Douglas

Notes - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Josh: note “SOFT” removed from Dataset for this demo.
    • Josh: Be aware of possible weirdness / failure in chgrp and delete.
  2. Glencoe Update - 14:36 UK

    • Nothing much to add from last week
    • Focusing on performance w.r.t. latest screen on JCB
  3. Satellite Update (every month) - 14:36 UK

    • Ian: silent regarding ModuloAlongT
      • Curtis: already discussed. No comments
      • Any further comments, otherwise assuming motioned. (Yay)
    • Douglas: is getting what he needs
    • Compilers, IDEs, Oh my: Ian just giving it a try. (Roger: try “-pthread” for GCC on every platform)
  4. FS Demo 4.1: Petr (45 mins) 14:45 UK

    • Program
    • Work status
    • One surprise:
    • Roger: Move all, moves partial?
      • Jean-Marie: No it’s all or nothing.
      • Jean-Marie: Might disappear temporarily from the tree and reappear on delete/move if operation is cancelled.
    • Chris: go to Paris with visualization of MIFs?
      • J-M: likely due to time constraints
      • Seems potentially silly to have all the thumbnails again if they’re in the middle panel
      • Gus targeting Markus; don’t have many MIF users. J-M: Paulo?
      • Chris: HCS datasets
    • Petr: We do prevent users from performing damaging operations. (i.e. in #10900, the UI was lying)
    • Chris: see not being able to delete as problematic.
    • Roger: should be allowing the partial move of the MIF items to another dataset?
      • Chris: if we don’t allow deleting, then they’re going to move them out, then they’re stuck
      • Roger: now exploring what was already there (in Bio-Formats). Could we expand the series?
      • J-M: that’s the plan. But still investigating.
      • Roger: show the default series.
      • J-M: highlighting was a quick solution.
      • Chris: e.g. SVS probably only look at barcode once or twice. Different from LEI. i.e. file-format dependent.
    • Roger: Beside “Move all” should there be a “cancel” button, i.e. binary choice. “Cancel” -> “Aborted”
      • Simon: breaks users expectation.
      • Gus: agree. Let user confirm.
      • Chris: should we allow clearing individual elements?
    • Chris: comment on time taken to move images
    • Josh: doing n2 operations to move the files, will need to be addressed.
      • Josh: noticed that thumbnails refresh while activities window is working. Ticketed. (open for suggestions and comparisons
  5. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:37 UK

    • Ola: PICLS - using nightshade for Friday. Use your own? No data.
    • Chris: Kenny to liaise with LSC to have Nightshade rdac driver updated & storage allocated
    • Josh: Next step is it merge PRs and create new tag
      • Jean-Marie: depending on the state of PRs and whether we are happy with the choice

Done 15:41

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