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2013-11-19 Tuesday Team Meeting

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Presentation on OMERO.biobank by Gianmauro Cuccuru and Luca Lianas from Gianluigi Zanetti's group at CRS4

Abstract: Data intensive technologies have changed the landscape of biomedical research. They have massively improved data production throughput and changed the nature of experimental pipelines that are now, typically, complex towers of software processing layers on a foundation of acquisition devices at the wet-digital interface, Since the algorithms used in the software processing layers are continuosly improving, much of the biologically significant datum is, effectively, work–in–progress that can be fully interpreted only with an accurate, machine–reproducible, description of how it has been obtained, and needs to be systematically recomputed, until the underlying raw data becomes obsolete, to be in line with the state of the art. The full exploitation of this point of view requires a completely new approach to experimental biology data management able to capture, in a scalable way, both data and their production processes, and with explicit support for the meta computing needed to mantain data collections in line with the state of the art. We have designed and implemented the OMERO.biobank platform to explore how this goal can be approached and its challenges be addressed. OMERO.biobank is based on a novel data description model centered around capturing, in a traceable and reproducible manner, the whole data generation process and the inter-relations between data from the biological samples all the way up to analysis result.

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