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2013-06-04-Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Gus, Chris, Kenny, Mark, Blazej, Jason, Petr, Helen, Simon, Ola, Andrew, Joyce, Colin Remote: Josh, Carlos, Will, Stick, Douglas, Ian, Laura, Jean-Marie, Melissa, Seb, Zeb

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • minutes accepted
  2. Demo server version - staying OMERO 4 while we continue to develop this line OR moving to FS sometime this year? - 14:36 UK

    • Brings up a lot of questions
    • Hosting both 4.4 and 5.0?
    • Backed up
    • Ola to check how much data is sitting on the server
    • Will be setting up 5.0 in due course, documentation should be open-ended as to where
  3. Glencoe Update - 14:40 UK

    • Chris: pull requests coming to 4.4 this week, mostly performance
    • Ola: does it include caching discussed on Friday?
    • Chris: no, non-trivial, will require discussion
    • Chris: probably not all Glencoe staff will join future OME weekly team meetings, so mention them on the agenda in advance if they are expected
    • Jason: team must improve inputting agenda points in advance of meeting
  4. easyDNS DDoS Update - 14:44 UK

    • Kenny: noticed since last night, nasty DDoS, worst now seems over
    • Kenny: remote sites please mention any remaining DNS issues
    • Chris: Glencoe uses same DNS provider, so was an issue for them too
  5. OME Users’ Meeting - 14:48 UK

    • Agenda
    • Jason:
      • program is on the website, mostly locked down
      • speak up soon if you don’t know that you have a hotel or a flight
      • eleven posters, hoping to get a couple more
      • one may be from a commercial competitor, imanage
    • Dinners for OME Team Members-- where & who?
      • Most people will have arrived by late Sunday afternoon.
      • Andrew or Melissa can determine which the interesting Lebanese restaurant is
      • Many hungry people, so capacity is a significant issue
      • Sunday: Restaurant (Lebanese? Italian?)
        • Jason: should we invite VIPs from funding agencies, who are attending meeting, Victoria WT & Ceri from BBSCR?
        • No issue inviting funding reps to dinner on the Sunday
      • Monday: Buffet
      • Tuesday: L’Authentique
      • Restaurant suggestions to Joyce
      • Helen: please have us eat by 8pm
    • Workshops-- what & who?
      • Jason:
        • Have to decide who is doing which workshops
        • GDOC
        • Getting everything in place for demos: logistics, etc.
        • Morning formal demos, with some informal discussion on the side
        • Afternoon has informal demos and discussion, which are an important part of the meeting
        • Jean-Marie: Michael Porter’s involvement?
  6. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:14 UK

    • Gus: follow up from last week - Revised and Annotated Feedback from Visits
      • Chris: Liza is reviewing some of the UX documents
    • Roger released from hospital, awaiting pickup.
    • Joyce: needs titles of project talks for users’ meeting by Monday 10th June

Done 15:17 UK

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