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2013-12-03 Tuesday Team Meeting

Attending: Dundee: Kenny, Emil, Petr, Ola, Mark, Blazej, Jean-Marie, Chris, Will, Andrew, Roger, June, Gus, Helen, Jason Remote: Douglas, Melissa, Carlos, Josh M, Josh B, Mark H, Sebastien S, Sebastien B

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status/Testing Update - 14:34 UK

    • Jean-Marie: around 40 tickets for beta2
      • 2 or 3 per person
      • some PRs open
    • Josh: nice not to add further tickets to beta2
    • Josh: continuing Hudson issues, not fully diagnosed
    • Petr: prepared nightshade questionnaire, for users to check their data on upgraded staging server
    • Jean-Marie, Will: tiles not loading is main beta2 blocker now
    • Sebastien B: release process is in good shape, once Hudson is back
    • Jean-Marie: still not reviewing dev_4_4 code PRs
  3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:42 UK

    • continuing work reported last week
    • various PRs have come into mainline, more coming
    • working on new JCB screen
    • Carlos has done some IE8 work, no more this year
    • working on ROIs in webclient, including drawing
  4. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits 14:45 UK

    • OMERO Demos (Gus)
      • mostly new users, some existing users with specific questions
      • referred a few people to Michael re. his Matlab tools
      • Andrew: interest in finding and counting spots, so interest in Alex’s scripts
      • Andrew: figure creation was received well
    • Jason: we are planning to visit elsewhere in UK to show OMERO to users and help them with it
    • Petr: should make Michael’s stuff more available
  5. Die, die, die “public static final” (Chris, Josh; <5 mins) - 14:49 UK

    • need custom Bio-Formats versions and specific importers
    • builds use specific versions and downstream importers can pick which to use
    • importer was logging incorrect Bio-Formats version
    • value of public static final variables is copied by compiler into code that uses them
      • if JARs with such constants are changed, code previously compiled using those JARs does not get the updated values
    • specifically concerns native and String types expected to change for different builds
    • Curtis: can make public static final values not evaluable at compile time
      • Chris: also, properties files
  6. Schema and Data Model: The way forward - Andrew's presentation (20 mins) - 15:01 UK

    • various changes in how schema versions, folders, publications, etc. are done
    • hoping to avoid further monolithic PRs
    • was an InProgress version, now a -dev-# on next version
    • InProgress folder was at top level of Specification, new -dev-# folder is inside released-schema
    • -dev-# schemas are available for validation but not included on HTML index pages
    • publication scripts adjusted accordingly, Jenkins will soon be able to publish schema on request
    • PRs now split into initial new-schema PR with actual model changes following in multiple subsequent per-change PRs
    • initial new-schema PR made only if previous dev release content is finalized
      • model change PRs not included in that previous release are rebased into new version
    • don’t want to break API for minor schema tidyup
    • for start of beta3 need work on timestamp, annotation points, map
    • beta3 topics: lightsource, color, wavelength, units, rendering settings (saving into OME-TIFF)
      • Bio-Formats could possibly read rendering settings from proprietary formats
    • new data: light sheet (various), phase contrast, combinations (e.g., 3D EM with correlative light)
      • researching, talking to users
      • OpenSPIM: Pavel Tomancak can provide data
    • improve adoption of OME-TIFF by helping others to write it
    • Jason: for model changes, propose to light sheet community as soon as possible
    • Josh: allow dev versions to change frequently to encapsulate breaking changes
      • Andrew: could be an issue if there are many long-running change PRs
      • Chris: a dev version’s change PRs must be mutually independent, not possible for substantial PRs
      • Jean-Marie: make model changes sequentially, one open PR at a time
      • Jason: order of changes is worth getting right, e.g., interaction with optical tomography
    • Jason: speak up soon if anything to add to model changes already suggested: planning is happening imminently
    • Chris: don’t need transforms between unreleased versions
  7. Any other business (<5 mins) - 16:06 UK

    • Jean-Marie: Sebastien B will present next month on CI, build system, etc.
    • Jean-Marie: report about Paul Felts / Ninewells, etc. would be useful

Done 16:08 UK

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