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2013-11-26 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Simon, Gus, Helen, Will, Colin, Andrew, June, Petr, Mark, Ola, Jean-Marie, Sebastien B, Kenny, Roger, Emil Remote: Andreas, Josh M, Mark H, Seb S, Ian, Melissa, Douglas, Josh B, Carlos, Curtis

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status (Josh) - 14:32 UK

    • 5 beta-2 release plan
    • code freeze from Monday 9th December
    • Goal: release before end of year
    • Michael’s tool is upgraded.
    • 5 beta-3 is graph fixing ("permissions")
    • 4.4.10 is backporting only.
      • can do some backporting/rebasing to dev_4_4 after beta2 release
    • 4.4 PR review on hold until 5 Beta-2 is out
      • some docs PRs may still be opened and reviewed
    • when are we linking to version 5 docs by default?
      • not until after 4.4.10, and possibly not until after we drop the beta from 5, depending on uptake
    • when it becomes possible, test on a copy of nightshade upgraded
    • can upgrade from 4.x or 5.0beta1 to beta2, can’t downgrade
  3. Testing Update (Petr) - 14:43 UK

    • pretty good on phases of upgrade testing
    • Will fixing hanging tiles when loading
    • other issues unrelated to upgrade
    • probably postpone moving of script results to beta3
    • Colin: small improvements on pytest
    • Jean-Marie: maybe RC2 on Thursday
  4. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:46 UK

    • a lot backported over the past couple of weeks
    • will be running builds off merge tags
    • new screen coming
    • Josh B working on queueing
  5. Consortium Update (every month) - 14:47 UK

    • Douglas: e-mail design
      • Douglas: web gateway can send e-mail
      • Ola: code would be more reusable server-side instead of per client
      • Douglas: happy to use server-side code inasmuch as it exists and is documented
      • Ola: server-side e-mail can be provided
    • Ian: OMERO 5 + FLIMfit needs to be more solid on group hardware
    • Simon: possibly still pre-Christmas release
    • Jean-Marie: partner-1,2 milestones for non-core tickets (OMERO.searcher, ImageJ, etc.)
  6. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits - 14:55 UK

    • OMERO days (26/11, 02/12, 05/12) (for GRE)
      • Gus: four new users, one user with specific 3D data requirements, seemed to go well
      • Will: users interested in getting data out of the measurement tool
    • Emil: Aberdeen meeting was interesting. 23,000 x 23,000 pixel images.
    • Jean-Marie: will invite ultrasound presentation / discussion from Ninewells
      • metadata capture
      • collaboration with Richard Baldock at Edinburgh, may use their OMERO server
    • Ola: green light from head of medical school for virtual microscope pilot at Ninewells
      • gathering requirements, meeting December 10th
  7. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:01 UK

    • 2 Factor authentication on GitHub (Chris)
      • attempted security break-ins, including botnet trying passwords against GitHub user accounts
      • Chris’ GitHub account was frozen due to large number of attack attempts
      • big concern over admin rights over repositories, and access to internal repositories
        • so such users are the first concern
      • two-factor authentication is a nice solution available from GitHub
      • SSH keys still work as before for pushing with git, etc.
        • but please do only use SSH keys that have a passphrase
        • SSH key chain commands will probably reveal which have passphrases
          • Chris will post something about how to tell
      • user + password will not work with scc (perhaps even pygithub) at present
        • tokens should be okay

Done 15:10 UK

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