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2013-05-07 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Colin, Joyce, Gus, Blazej, Ola, Jean-Marie, Will, Kenny, Helen, Scott, Roger, Petr, Andrew Remote: Josh, Chris, Liza, Wilma, Douglas, Curtis, Ian, Mark, Melissa

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. FS status : 14:31 UK

    • See recent nitpick email. Comments?
      • Josh: bugs and rfe’s that might not be demo-able
      • Josh: Some PRs on-going, whiteboard cleaned up
      • Josh: gretzky2 for building PRs for demo.
    • Emerging issues: develop PRs.
    • Jean-Marie: discussed with Gus re: mockups. Tickets will start coming.
    • Discussion: SOFT link from Dataset to Image
      • Josh: Issue around chgrp, image(s) in various dataset for MIF, dangling links of images to other dataset
      • Carlos: JCB requirement would benefit from fail-fast.
      • J-M: have to be careful about now removing functionality (broken workflow)
      • Will: is many-to-many for project, dataset, image used extensively by anyone?
      • Josh: because we silently move data, data is left behind.
      • Will: have seen instance of data spread across multiple groups.
      • Jean-Marie: delete and change group should be treated in the same way.
  3. Glencoe Update : 14:51 UK

    • Chris: recovering HCS corrupted data
    • Hiring
    • Digital pathology customers
  4. Satellite Update (every month) : 14:52 UK

    • Curtis: Bio-format not part of Fiji release, back porting fix in to dev_44
    • Melissa: Rebase the branch
    • Curtis: imagelib2 hackathon last week
    • Ian: coming up to releasing a snapshot, shouldn’t affect anyone else
  5. Any other business (<5 mins) : UK

    • Test data threads from Ivan & Jason
      • Josh: anything we can make public?
      • Will: I have some dv files, he wanted timelapse and multichannel
      • Josh/Chris: data_repo directory with directory listing (Kenny)

Done : 15:02 UK

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