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2013-08-20 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Gus, Mark, Jean-Marie, Will, Blazej, Jason, Helen, Andrew, Simon, Roger Remote: Colin, Ola, Ian M, Sebastien B, Mark H, Josh, Curtis, Carlos, Melissa, Douglas

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting - 14:30 UK

    • accepted
  2. Summer testing updates - 14:30 UK

    • CI/Partner Projects (Sebastien)
      • FLIMfit builds passing, green
      • Ian can easily push, and build new client versions
      • will try out omego on Matlab node and make sure projects work with 4.4.9 server
      • travis build can test biobank installation
      • each partner project should have good web page, FLIMfit has one
        • unify for all products (Simon will chase up CMU)
      • Simon has been working on vbox stuff
        • Simon: more or less done, sorting out hudson configuration
        • Simon: OMERO searcher virtual machine soon releasable
    • OMERO.server (Blazej) - 14:35 UK
      • integration tests: 590 passing, remaining failures blockers for 4.4.9
      • merged PR cleaning up OmeroJava
      • now working on whitespace cleanup (applying code template), quick and simple PR
      • will fix build, removing odd assumptions
      • will create Hudson job for detecting test failures
      • still to try out tarantula with Petr
      • Colin: dealt in various ways with remaining Python integration test failures
      • Colin: will try to take more advantage of pytest in coming PRs
    • OMERO.web (Will) - 14:40 UK
      • Carlos: further applying initial pytest work
      • continuing Robot Framework Selenium2 work
        • aligning keywords between Web test scripts and Insight test scripts
        • extending to checking images (blank thumbnails), etc.
        • got a bunch of stuff worth cleaning up and getting running as part of CI build
        • Jean-Marie: agreeing on structure of files in tests component
        • not many tests yet
        • tests are written to be fairly generic, specific setup is in configuration file
    • OMERO.insight (Mark)
      • adding Insight keywords to Robot Framework to replicate work on web scripts
      • next to replicate Will and Ola’s work on structure of test case scripts bringing in configuration variables, etc.
    • Docs & website (Helen) - 14:45 UK
      • TIFF stuff all live
      • cleaning out unused images
      • now working on scripts landing page
      • working on proposal on what to do with user guide
      • working with Sebastien on product index page and product pages
    • Scenario writing (Petr)
      • on leave
    • Bio-Formats (Melissa) - 14:46 UK
      • working on FLIM support and Modulo annotations
        • review / comments appreciated for PR
      • getting CI builds passing
        • develop PRs now tested against whole repository nightly, next is dev_4_4
      • working with maven to try to reduce version number hard-coding
      • Jean-Marie: will Modulo annotations be backported to dev_4_4?
        • apparently not, so Ian will try working against develop branch
        • Ian: not aware of users currently using FLIMfit and OMERO together in anger
        • Sebastien B: should work okay with develop, but should test
          • small number of functions change in API, but no obvious blockers
        • Jason: can decide about dev_4_4 backport after we know how well this works on develop
        • Melissa: tricky backport because the PR includes API changes
    • Roger: working on C++ stuff and ZVI timestamp issues
    • Workflows for tagging/UI scoping (Gus)
      • second round of scoping, wireframing for group and user selection and displays
      • second round of create new dataset, other containers
      • looking at client side searching interface, will probably impact filtering
      • working on design and specifications for user guide website
  3. System requirement changes - when are we dropping support for Java 5, Python 2.4/2.5 and Ice 3.3 on dev_4_4 and develop? - 14:54 UK

    • Java 5 being dropped for 4.4.9?
      • no objections
      • Helen: will need to update docs
      • Josh: change build requirement numbers to Java 6 for all jobs
    • Python 2.4/2.5 (statistics)
    • Roger: there are few 2.4 users (officially supported?), hardly any 2.5, plenty of 2.6 and 2.7
      • Jason: write e-mail and solicit feedback, as with Java 5
      • Roger: will investigate, e.g., if 2.4 users are on RHEL
      • Roger: not actively testing Python 2.4, and Python 3 compatibility is an issue
  4. Ice 3.3

    • Roger: Ice 3.3 requires a bunch of patches and is very hard to build on a current system

    • Roger: no maintenance or security support from ZeroC since 2009

    • Josh: let’s ask the community

    • Josh: Ice 3.3 was more stable than later versions (!)

    • Josh: if we can get it built for our CI servers then perhaps just wait and later end 3.3 / 3.4 together

    • Josh: Glencoe is Ice 3.3 across the board

    • Josh: if we are to annoy people by dropping Ice support for certain versions but may be better to opt for something other than Ice

    • Jason: ZeroC not doing much to earn our long-term confidence, but moving away from Ice is a large undertaking

    • Roger: all our supported platforms can build Ice 3.5, and Ice is not system provided, so usage statistics are less important

    • Jason: write e-mail and solicit feedback

    • Josh: can at least deprecate 3.3 without yet removing support

      │ ZeroC         │ Debian           │ Fedora                │
      │ 3.3.0 2008-05 │ 3.3.0-1  2008-06 │ 3.3.1-6.fc12  2010-02 │
      │ 3.3.1 2009-03 │ 3.3.1-12 2010-02 │ 3.3.1-7.fc13  2010-02 │
      │               │                  │                       │
      │ 3.4.0 2010-03 │ 3.4.1-1  2011-02 │ 3.4.0-3.fc14  2010-07 │
      │ 3.4.2 2011-06 │ 3.4.2-8  2013-07 │ 3.4.2-18.fc19 2012-10 │
      │               │                  │                       │
      │ 3.5.0 2013-03 │ 3.5.0-1  2013-08 │ 3.5.0-1.fc20  2013-04 │
  5. Conferences - 15:12 UK

    • EMBO/EMBL Seeing is Believing, Heidelberg, October 3-6
    • EuBIAS 2013, Barcelona, October 7-8 (plenary)
      • candidates: Colin, J-M, …
      • new Dundee image analyst will already be going, but somebody should be representing OME
    • The Mozilla Festival, London, October 25-27
      • candidates: Will, Ola, …
      • Ola: present OMERO as a teaching tool?
      • Jason: OMERO as a publication tool, sharing data
    • FOSDEM 2014, Brussels, February 1-2, 2014
      • candidates: Kenny, Roger, Blazej, …
    • Roger: some imminent Debian medical meeting in Scotland, details to follow
    • Jason: open to adding more meetings to this list, the above are just those that have come to our attention
    • Jason: previous NoSQL meeting in Frankfurt was of value
    • Jason: meetings, registration deadlines, etc. need to be tracked
    • Jean-Marie: regular meetings should be tracked
    • Jason: those eager to go to meetings should be behind organizational efforts to actually go
    • Jason: generally we should be presenting at meetings where it makes sense
  6. Glencoe Update - 15:22 UK (Josh, Jason)

    • work on PRs (Andreas, Sam)
    • will have to discuss tagging in due course
    • JCB hardware upgrade coming with hosting >1Tb of data
    • search needs further work, paused with Niko’s departure
  7. Consortium Update (every month) - 15:25 UK

    • Jason: has been planning SAB meeting (members, PIs, some developers for software demonstrations)
    • Jason: recently e-mailed about small teams pushing ahead on specific topics
      • go ahead and organize useful inter-site meetings
  8. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:27 UK

    • probably will have appointed new OME admin within next couple of days

Done 15:28 UK

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