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2013-08-13 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Kenny, Gus, Will, Helen, Mark, Blazej, Jason, Jean-Marie, Colin, Andrew, Roger, Simon Remote: Tofu, Curtis, Ian, Carlos, Douglas, Josh, Liza, Mark H, Melissa, Sebastien B, Sebastien S

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Summer testing updates - 14:30 UK

    • CI/Partner Projects (Sebastien)
      • discussed with Ian and Kenny getting FLIMfit working
        • upgraded Matlab
        • will move to Windows node
      • Kenny setting up biobank node
      • making release process much easier
      • Simon: working on OMERO searcher, trying to get updated vbox Debian image with searcher and pychrm
      • Josh: non-vbox options may make sense
    • OMERO.server (Blazej)
      • see PR #1364
        • referenced PR is getting the integration tests into a good state
        • down to three failing tests, twenty others ticketed as blockers against 4.4.9
        • will look at moving tests into other package, changing dependencies, in other PR
        • Ice 3.4 issue with Java 7 causes some tests to fail in that environment
        • Colin has been working on fixing Python tests, will open a PR soon
          • found some bugs for Josh to fix
    • OMERO.insight (Mark) ticket #11210
      • Looking like we will use the robot framework for insight but also selenium and CLI testing
      • Checking more complicated items like highlighting of thumbnails on clicking in tree, etc.
      • Focusing on common way to write tests between insight & web (can be included in sphinx!)
    • Docs & website (Helen)
      • permissions stuff ready to go on develop
      • OME-TIFF documentation ready to go
        • sorted out product page, nearly ready to go live
        • proposed new OME-TIFF product page can be checked
        • Andrew: permission to use logos of companies that use OME-TIFF?
          • Jason: can’t publish without permission, but can still usefully link to them
      • user guide documentation workflow status (Gus)
        • regrets putting training guide into Sphinx
          • versioning is nice though
        • proposes straightforward HTML, CSS, PDF site would be better, separate staging and live sites
          • use tickets to manage review process
          • scripts to archive earlier versions (PDF only)
          • Roger: how to work collaboratively?
          • Roger: hosting site in git could be more workable with vector graphics on top of screenshots
          • Jason: Gus’ frustrations do need solution, but perhaps entirely separate workflow isn’t necessary
          • Gus: would like to plan and design and put forward a proposal for consideration
          • difficulty finding drawing tool that has good UI but with files friendly to version control
        • early plan
    • Bio-Formats (Melissa) - 14:53 UK
      • working on build and version automation, Bio-Formats PRs 635, 636
      • fixing failures in testing jobs on Jenkins
        • taking eleven hours to run, roughly as anticipated, once fixed perhaps can make it faster
      • Roger: looking into having tests use local schema rather than remote. (Joda-time done)
        • Andrew: schema resolver class should pull it in, used by some of Jean-Marie’s tests (exporter)
    • Workflows scoping (Gus)
      • User/Group Display selection
        • bringing Insight selection functionality closer to Web
        • now moving from conceptual to functional
      • Container creation (unify clients)
      • Search UI only
      • scoping documents posted to gdoc under UX team folder
    • OMERO.web (Will)
      • Converting tests to use Robot Framework Selenium2 plug-in
        • blocker with getting tests to be able to run JavaScript from Robot Framework
          • Jean-Marie: problem could be related to Firefox version
    • Away
      • Scenario writing (Petr)
        • Ian okay with FLIMfit scenario as it is, can now be merged
  3. Next phase: Bug fixing 4.4.9 tickets - 15:02 UK

    • Jason/J-m: wanted to start wrapping up testing
      • will move ahead with Robot Framework
      • Blazej: too soon to decide on single language for integration tests
      • Jean-Marie: still need to decide on how to handle images for documentation
        • Helen: difficult to remove now-unused images from git in a way that usefully reduces repository size
    • Jean-Marie: many open bugs, for 4.4.9 focus on critical and blocker bugs (currently 52)
      • Josh: moved bugs out of 4.4.9, people can move important ones back in, but be mindful of limited effort
      • Josh: new 4.4 bugs can be put in 4.4.x if not critical for 4.4.9
      • 4.4.9 blocker sprint already exists
      • some 4.4.9 tickets document failing tests
    • Will: timeline for getting UI tests into CI?
      • Jean-Marie: probably by end of next week
        • Jenkins plug-in exists for Robot Framework
        • Colin to work on setup script (create users, import images, etc.)
  4. Java 5 - 15:12 UK

    • Usage statistics (by JVM and component)
      • difficulty in determining if same/different IP addresses mean same/different users
      • Java 5 users are mostly using OMERO 4.2
      • vanishingly few Java 5 users are on OMERO 4.4
      • Java 5 users tend not to use OMERO frequently
      • Java 5 use is of Bio-Formats and Insight
      • significant decrease in Java 5 users in recent months
    • Removal of support
      • Melissa: float the idea on mailing list
        • explain how to check Java version
        • Roger can draft message
      • Josh: could set compiler flags for Insight to Java 6 and see if anybody complains
    • Curtis: ImageJ2, Fiji are Java 6, retrotranslator goes some way
    • Curtis: probably very few people couldn’t upgrade to Java 6 if need be (PowerPC?)
    • Will: people can still stick with our current releases if they stick with Java 5
    • hopefully drop for both dev_4_4 and develop for 4.4.9
  5. Glencoe Update - 15:26 UK

    • Chris: going on holiday tomorrow, Tuesday Skypes will need to be manned by not-Chris
    • need to try to get Sam’s CLI plug-in reviewed
    • also need review for tagging work
    • upgrading JCB server hardware, lots of screening data imminent
    • Jason not very available toward the end of the week, mostly working at home
    • hiring developers and designer
  6. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:29 UK

    • interviews occurring this week of OME admin internal applicants
    • Java developer vacancy now live internally, should go public in a week or so
    • Roger: upstream software versions dropping Python 2 support
      • might need to start porting our Python code to work on Python 3
      • Ice 3.5 works with Python 3
      • Chris: latest versions of many libraries we use don’t work on Python 2.4

Done 15:34 UK

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