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2013-04-23 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Kenny, Gus, Joyce, Mark, Blazej, Elwood, Petr, Simon, Ola, Andrew, Will, Roger Remote: Colin, Josh, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Curtis, ian, Liza, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Nico, Sebastien, Laura

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. 4.4.7 Release status 14:35 UK

    • Josh: trac status
      • 4.4.7 - 2 blockers, 1 tested and not reproduce, will has open PR roger to test.
      • 4.4.8 - blockers and criticals
      • 4.4.x - everything else remaining
    • Josh: testing of Will’s PRs, making sure Sebastien’s release build test and anything from Melissa.
    • Will: Minor bug in webclient, split view figure. Fix after the meeting, feature wasn’t in 4.4.6
    • Melissa: 2 bug tickets left to fix later this afternoon
    • Sebastien: Bugs under control, merge docs jobs are green again. Building RC1. Testing release job. Hopefully have RC2 generated tomorrow for standup, private downloads page.
    • Josh: Get everything committed by end of today. Treat build tomorrow as ‘official’
  3. Integration of WlzIIP Viewer with OMERO: Jianguo Rao,MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh (45 mins)

    • Video 14:50 UK
    • currently keeping copy of OME-TIFF as WLZ file.
    • Limitations:
      • 3D and not more
      • higher bits (16/32) will likely go to 8
      • 3 rgb channels. can have multi-channel (layers).
        • Set transparency in the browser, but can
    • Richard: OMERO.fs access the image data directly? Yes.
    • To set it up, start with standalone WLZ & OMERO server?
      • Script & UI changes link it together
      • third party software: ITK and other EDI applications
    • Script to generate WLZ (Simon)
      • writes outside of OMERO
    • Permissions? If they known URL they can access WLZ file.
      • Will: could make Django aware of it.
    • Richard: uploading system (large datasets)
      • read-only versus read-write. Inbound OMERO server?
  4. Glencoe Update : 15:30 UK

    • Chris: finishing projects then focussing on contributing back. to discuss UI integration etc.
  5. Satellite Update (every month) : 15:31 UK

    • No updates.
  6. Any other business (<5 mins) - : 15:32 UK

    • Blazej: JDK 5/6 changeover to be scoped and discussed.
  7. Done: 15:35 UK

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