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2013-04-30 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Jason, Kenny, Gus, Joyce, Andrew, Mark, Colin, Will, Roger, Helen, Scott Remote: Josh, Ola, Andreas, Ian, Stick, Carlos, Liza, Ivan, Mark, Laura, Melissa, Niko, Sebastien, Curtis

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. OME Meeting Schedule (30 mins)

    • Current Programme
    • Comments on Day 1?
    • Day 2 Workshops:
      • Other volunteers for workshops?
        • Jason: get an idea of who will do what.
        • Jason: still have informal break out space available if needed / wanted
      • Do we add time for other workshops? For example, demonstrating work/applications by more Consortium members, showing stuff that was presented in the Monday talks?
        • Jason: extra topics for workshops, working with docs etc.
      • Chris: enough people to run and help workshop, install and analysis probably need the most effort. Not the same people running same workshops over again each time. Mix and match topics & people.
      • Will: 4 in each round
      • Chris: originally had 6-8 of these, how are we going to have AV for these in the rooms.
      • Jason: use two ends of each space, with screen av etc. eg. going through install on screen.
      • Will: presentation style doesn’t fit every use case.
      • Chris: 100+ people, 10 people behind you it wont scale.
      • Andrew/Joyce: have an idea who is going to attend what and when.
      • Jason: anyone here or remote suggest topics for workshops.
      • Chris: Collecting bio-formats feedback space.
      • Joyce: Agenda is in gdocs.
      • Joyce: 60 people registered so far, space for 125 (auditorium) 100 (modules). Extra room required?
  3. 4.4.7 feedback/status (10 minutes)

    • 10824 network checker
      • Josh: under network issues, get various errors
      • Chris: make OMERO.insight on linux becomes unusable
      • Chris: difficult to test, disconnect network
      • Josh: large test matrix including, wifi, cable, jave 1.5/1.6, linux, mac, windows
      • Jason: fix the check, test linux clients from overseas
    • 10827 thumbnails and permissions
      • Josh: Will noticed,
      • Chris: cant load thumbnails for screens / plates in R-O groups. No apparent issues with Proj/Datasets.
      • Chris: Permission testing needs expanding? new scenario? if we have one why did we miss it?
      • Chris: users in a R-O dont have permission to create thumbnails of different resolutions.
      • Chris: 1. fix to 96px size, 2. allow generation of other sized thumbnails 3. fail hard if not in cache -> expose non-cached thumbnail. 4. revert the flag in web gateway.
    • Summary
      • 50-60 downloads
      • Add warnings to downloads page? Pull 4.4.7 entirely? Quick fix and 4.4.8 in next few days?
      • Chris: #10824 is relatively straight-forward, turn off network checker for linux
      • Will/Carlos/Chris: #10827 96px and cache
      • Jason: Testing of fixes
  4. FS status (5 minutes) 15:29 UK

    • Josh: chgrp going well, some bugs to resolve, possibly related to 4.4.7. UI changes by Blazej, Mark graph code for chgrp and delete. Next phase adding warning dialogues. Testing with Petr when he gets back.
  5. FS docs strategy 15:32 UK

    • Helen: need a decision where we are going to put sphinx docs for FS. 3 options:
      • release dev branch with FS specific changes, quite hard for people to identify where it is
      • clean slate 1: subject under existing omero documentation
      • clean slate 2. put it in a separate folder, omero4 and omero5
    • Roger: dev branch ome.git links to ome-doc dev branch
    • Sebastien: links are different in the 2 versions
    • Helen: wanted something up before Paris, draft google docs for new things on FS, mainly import. should be user friendly docs
    • Andrew: comparison of 4.4 and 5 page
  6. Glencoe Update 15:41 UK

    • JCB new screens going in (new graphs)
    • ongoing recruitment (software engineers)
  7. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Visit from Lee Kamentsky - tentative date Thurs 30 May? Who will he be meeting?
      • Jason: Cell profiler, visiting scotland, wants to integrate python cell profiler with omero in Dundee.
      • Presentation.
    • Response to feedback on FS Import GDoc Presentation - please read and comment/discuss/feedback.

Done 15:47 UK

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