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2013-01-08 Tuesday Meeting

Dundee: Jean-Marie, Roger, Simon, Will, Gus, Helen, Kenny, Andrew, Petr, Blazej, Elwood (notes), Chris, (Mark @ office) Remote: Liza, Josh (notes), Stick, Carlos, Andreas, Douglas, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Curtis

Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

Dundee: Jean-Marie, Roger, Simon, Will, Gus, Helen, Kenny, Andrew, Petr, Blazej, Elwood (notes), Chris, (Mark @ office) Remote: Liza, Josh (notes), Stick, Carlos, Andreas, Douglas, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Curtis

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. Glencoe Update (10 min)

    • Chris: Deploy, JCB, survey content in data viewer, on page load and other actions you get survey questions. Integrated with OMERO.web.
    • Andreas: Surveymonkey embedded
    • Chris: Carlos & Liza working on data viewer (Feb 18th)
    • Chris: Tomogram releases in DB, Will’s ROI work deployable
    • Josh: Surveymonkey, drop in vanilla OMERO or too custom?
    • e.g. tell Oxford copy this and drop it in.
    • Andreas: have to denote special places, add divs and javascript
    • One off, one way you drop javascript and would include on any page.
  3. FS Status Update (25 min)

    • Josh: Last major refactor, removed importer docs
    • Basic Data-In working. API & model largely stable. Python directory upload available.
    • Various remaining pre-RC issues
      • Josh: need ticketing / stories creating
    • Time to start shaking out bugs
      • Josh: Delete won’t work as expected. While testing import then we’ll address delete and higher level functions.
      • Jean-Marie preparing another version of Roger's FS file format list to go through.
      • Jean-Marie: check rendering problems and refer to scenarios
      • Josh: setID issues, memory issues, server performance issues
      • Some formats specified by Jason:
        • HCS (flex and ?)
        • svs, ndpi, leica, ims (slide scan examples from QBI)
        • dv (and a few others with very large timelapse)
        • OME-TIFF
      • Josh: Test switching between gretzky, bp, etc.
      • Roger: Import of ROIs, file with ROIs should it be handled as part of FS import,
        • Josh: uploaded, verify ROIs copied, during server side import should be created in the database.
          • If ROIs before FS should be there now.
        • Roger: Zeiss-TIDD and Zeiss-ZVI ROIs should work, not currently.
      • Josh: cli-import testing, apart from times, log statements should be missing as the processes are server side, notification for save to db is in server log (needs fixing). SVS Parsing, upload, finish, nothing on client
  4. PR feedback (10-15 min)

    • Comment from Jason about PR burden
      • Josh: unknown no of PRs you have to deal with, comments?
      • Andrew: some are quick but having to compile new server eats up time
      • Jean-Marie: sometimes open early before it’s really ready
      • Andrew: useful comments keep coming and PRs drag out.
      • Josh: PRs not trac-able. Add column on whiteboard?
    • Primary feedback was the difficulty of scheduling/planning work; otherwise beneficial.
      • Possible next step: agilo upgrade even with Kanban support.
      • NB (Chris): Similarly, mantis UI couldn’t be worse. trello board instead / linked?
    • Andrew: Add column between InProgress & backlog, blocked
    • Chris: Only want to add one column at the moment, look at agilo pricing
  5. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:06 UK

    • "Organisation and use of the XML schemas" email thread. (Roger/Andrew)

      • Andrew: Find time to sit down and work through redundant folders. Entire OME-XML site, old images / logos etc.
        • Schema directory, needs attention. 5 locations, validator old version. If it changes to spec.jar won’t need them
          • Working folder, in progress, work takes place
          • Release schemeas folder, combination of schemas, matching dir structure unusual schema location
          • Modern & old schemas, map website folders.
      • Chris: output for website generated would be good
      • Roger: Javascript & html
      • Roger: docs are 100mb each time its generated
    • Renaming jobs to "stable" rather than "4.4" (Josh/Sebastien)

      • Josh: PR from sebastien, explains how CI works, names of jobs where to look. Another process page. Links are hard coded for 4.4, names of jobs
      • Chris: scripts
      • Josh: UI description field is not markdown
      • Roger: renaming jobs unclear what’s being run.
      • Chris: remove some plugins.
    • Jean-Marie: ASCB, 4.4.6 release, packaging / testing / scenarios.

      • Chris: ROI regression tests
    • Roger: FIJI, dev version of BF, using unsupported schemas for writing OME-TIFF, no guarantees it will work.

      • Chris: don’t link to version control, have a process for publishing the schema.
    • Josh: Jason will give update next week.

Done: 15:30 UK

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