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2013-05-28 Tuesday Team Meeting

Attendance : Dundee: Kenny, Gus, Petr, Mark, Chris, Ola, Helen, Andrew, Joyce, Jason, Simon Remote: Josh, Sebastien, Jean-Marie, Kevin, Andreas, Carlos, Stick, Colin, Douglas, Ian, Laura, Mark H, Melissa, Niko, Zeb

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • minutes accepted
  2. Feedback on Site Visits: Gus Ferguson slides (45 mins) - 14:33 UK

    • Gus:
      • a lot of goodwill toward OMERO, people trying to get it adopted, need selling points
      • documentation and client improvements appreciated
      • frustration in waiting a long time for improvements with no ETA
      • major, widespread gripes are,
      • conventional file hierarchy instead of two-level
      • modifications made in ImageJ/Fiji need to get back into OMERO
      • broken search
      • image-to-image links, e.g. for different stages of the image’s processing, or between original and collaborative copy
      • common requests are,
      • transfer data between OMERO instances (e.g., early adopters’ data stuck on pilot server, not production)
      • ad-hoc creation of collaborative groups, quick and easy
      • icons in Insight are too small and their meaning is not obvious, and all should have menu options
      • a central script repository, many useful scripts could be shared
      • user preferences, so that client retains state between sessions
      • workflows,
      • easily create and share and cancel guest accounts and collaborators
      • drag and drop center-pane thumbnails, arrangement persists
      • other RFEs include,
      • import of non-image files, data formats that OMERO cannot yet parse, spreadsheets, etc.
      • standard image manipulation operations, as typically found in other graphics packages
      • institutional branding
      • ability to update BioFormats quickly without waiting for OMERO point release
      • documentation improvements sought,
      • running separate processors on other machines
      • scripts
      • backup and recovery
      • website lists institutions using OMERO, useful for grant applications
      • outstanding issues include Insight ROI tool, workflows for administration and tagging
      • detailed site comments noted in Google documents
    • Jean-Marie: we are getting better at looking back at this captured information about what is important for users
    • Jean-Marie: especially, many users have sometimes asked for something that is easily delivered
    • Jason: review these to-do’s and understand their impact on the different software components; this scoping guides planning of further development
    • Chris: some of these feature requests are very many months’ work each, from where we are now
    • Douglas: tagging achieves much of what people want from a conventional file hierarchy
    • Chris: existing development thrusts already account for much manpower
    • Jean-Marie: even if major requests cannot be satisfied anytime soon, perhaps some palliatives or useful steps may still be achieved, and users may be mollified knowing they are coming
    • Will: when does development focus move on from FS?
    • Jason: requires some discussion with the community, much FS work yet to be done
    • Gus: designed with your (Jason’s?) mental model, so where that fits.
    • Jean-Marie: can facilitate sharing of useful scripts, etc. contributed from other sites
    • Jason: when Jean-Marie is in, need to review this user feedback and understand what is involved in addressing it
    • Gus: thank you to institutes that hosted us, for their hospitality and time
    • Jean-Marie: community wants FS and understands that it is a large effort
    • Chris: have any other sites tested FS?
    • Jason: no, once we have RC1 we should ask LRI, QBI
    • Jason: what are the next places to target?
    • Jean-Marie: internally, revisit post-PiCLS file; maybe leads from Paris, should follow up with Edinburgh
    • Jason: could ask on lists
  3. Update on OME5 Documentation - 15:26 UK

    • tickets/diagrams
      • Helen: thank you to those who have taken ownership of documentation tickets
      • Jason: for Paris showing of FS, requires accompanying documentation
      • Helen: someone needs to look through the system administration documentation to see what needs to be changed
      • Helen: unclaimed tickets are system administration and pyramid
      • Josh: pyramid one is not highest priority, mostly needs diagram
    • website infrastructure
      • Helen: Andrew will arrange URLs such that develop branch documentation will be available on the website
      • Helen: there will be an OME5 page under Products
      • Jason: probably need only one “5” in URL
  4. Glencoe Update - 15:32 UK

    • Chris: published a new screen
    • Chris: working on text for news items
    • Chris: work continues as described last week; performance, searching
    • Jason: Glencoe financial year ends May 31st, good growth
  5. Satellite Update (every month) - 15:34 UK

    • Jason: on day two in Paris it would be good to show the various aspects of what people have been doing with OMERO, will be writing to PIs soon
  6. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:36 UK

    • Josh: sharing Google doc links with people requesting that they be shared
      • Jason: plenty of the information there is sensitive and private to us
      • Josh: handle on case-by-case basis, but from outside it can be hard to know what is going on
      • Jason: sometimes it is reasonable to send the requester a PDF
    • Jason: non-Dundee people can sign off at this point
    • Drinks & Dinner Friday 31st May for Scott
      • Speedwell / somewhere Italian, around eight people, eat at 7pm
    • Lee Kamentsky visit Thursday 30th May
      • Joyce: should be here by around 10:00
      • Joyce: JBC mezz booked, capacity 40
      • Joyce: Lee would like to present in morning on how OMERO can integrate with CellProfiler
      • Joyce: plan presentation for 11:00
      • Jason: share presentation via WebEx
      • Joyce: book table in Garland for lunch
      • Jason: announce presentation on CLS-seminars
      • Jason: dinner at 19:30

Done 15:50 UK

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