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2013-10-01 Tuesday Team Meeting

Attending: Dundee: Chris, Simon, Gus, Jason, Petr, Helen, Andrew, Colin, Roger, Blazej, Mark, Jean-Marie, Ola Remote: Sebastien B, Josh, Mark H, Melissa, Sebastien S, Will, Ian M

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Development update

    • 4.4 Status (Josh)
      • Integration testing status
        • a lot of cleaning up was done over the summer
        • documentation and builds are still catching up, help if you can
        • the more people involved, the better, can’t just be a couple of people
        • Blazej just rebased a horrible OmeroJava PR, is fixing timeout issues
          • a lot of work left to do, trying to close tickets
          • some tests not written so as to be able to run against a remote server
        • say something if there is some component you needed tested by Hudson
        • please voice any feedback regarding what has been done and what should be done
        • Colin has been reviewing which Python tests duplicate Java tests
        • Colin, with work from Josh and Carlos, has got far in converting 4.4 to pytest
        • Colin: a complication is that new PRs can newly break tests
      • Release prep (Sebastien)
        • working on integration test and release infrastructure documentation
        • make release process smooth and easy
        • will try setting up a couple of CI jobs according to prior proposal
          • rationalize job configuration, use omego
        • a lot of work to get this working, may not be all there for 4.4.9
        • will present on these jobs around late November, early December
      • Trac milestone
        • 88 tickets have now been closed for 4.4.9.
        • 18 tickets remain open.
        • The open tickets are: 3 blockers, 13 critical, 1 major, 1 minor.
        • Jean-Marie, Josh and Sebastien have the blockers.
        • Other owners are Blazej, Helen, Mark, Roger, Sam, Simon, Will.
      • Can all 4.4.9 tickets be either quickly resolved, or pushed to 4.4.10?
        • some graph-based issues may be pushed to 4.4.10, some already fixed on 5.0
        • push Roger’s C++ cmake/scons stuff to 4.4.10
        • (inasmuch as there ever is a 4.4.10)
      • Security issue
        • Josh: a must-have for 4.4.9
      • Known limitations: graphs, etc.
      • Not moving scripts around on 4.4.9, will do on develop
      • Helen’s open 4.4.9 tickets shouldn’t affect testing.
      • 4.4.9 testing has started.
        • cannot use Ice 3.5 client against 3.3 server
      • Next steps
        • 4.x will be maintained
        • much new development will be on 5.x only
  3. Glencoe Update - 14:54 UK

    • focus on getting a couple of bugs fixed
    • some UI importer things happening over coming days
    • new hire or two in the next few weeks
    • latest bits going into latest screen (out Oct 14), then another screen to follow
  4. Consortium Update - 14:57 UK

    • SAB Meeting (Jason)
      • thanks to all who put such effort in
      • independent evaluation of the team and its progress, achievements, plans and vision
      • very important to funders
      • largely ran demos successfully from remote servers
      • having to present things helps to cause it to get finished and presentable
      • the board encourage more external visits (improvement of 2012 slide)
      • need to emphasize and show how many applications work against Bio-Formats and OMERO
      • discussed how modern a large data application OMERO is
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits

    • visit the US in late March, committed to Albuquerque, NM
    • Monday, Tuesday: visits to Edinburgh and Barcelona
    • No one going to ASCB
  6. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Dundee: new OME project administrator hired, hopefully from Nov 1.
    • Good to have presentations available to put on the website.
      • Andrew can help with licenses for necessary software.
  7. Training material new site: Gus' presentation (20 mins) GDocs slides - 15:10 UK

    • reverse GH workflow: changes from staging site become PRs on way to live site
      • previous versions will remain available as PDF
    • will be decently printable
    • required to be usable from mobile devices (especially tablets)
    • want to be live for 4.4.9 release
    • Jean-Marie: moving videos closer to tutorials? Helen: link.
    • Jason: can’t keep as just straight HTML in the long term
      • Chris: pain of adjusting menus, changing and testing for each page
      • Gus: could reverse-engineer CMS requirements from current pages
      • Gus: pages designed as sequential instruction sheets, not heavily linked
        • Jason: users may return to instruction sheets as reference more than intended
      • Chris: will have to find a templating system that does what Gus needs
    • Jason: at least one multiplier is 6+ applications in addition to web/insight.
    • Chris: what about integration with other content? Links to and from our other documentation.
      • may be okay to not have such links
    • Helen: these user documentation changes are planned to go live for 4.4.9
      • Jason: wants to review with Gus and Helen before it happens
    • Chris: can show Gus the Glencoe CMS that Liza uses
    • Roger: can a standalone zip be made available for offline HTML copies of the site?
      • Chris: yes, should be easy
      • Gus: images are all hosted in one place
    • Sebastien B: how to start getting other OMERO applications’ user guides integrated into this site?
      • Gus: depends in part upon whose responsibility it is to create and maintain the documentation
      • Helen: others will want some way to get their guides onto the site

Done 15:49 UK

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