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2013-03-26 Tuesday Meeting

Dundee: Blazej, Jason, Petr, Gus, Mark, Helen, Simon, Joyce, Will, Jean-Marie, Chris, Elwood Remote: Josh, Sebastien, Ola, Andrew, Curtis, Stick, Liza, Melissa, Ian, Kevin, Ivan, Sebastien, Mark Hiner, Douglas, Kenny

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. Josh to give FS review - 10 minutes

    • Generally on track for demo 3 (barring weather difficulties)
    • Checksum status/etc. Catch-up for Will re: UI.
    • ImageReader caching status
      • Josh: Should speed up setId
      • Chris: handling of difference internal of bio-format state, serial versions in all classes?
      • Josh: Not using java serialisation. Any changes invalidates the cache.
      • Josh: melissa mentioned some items we need to consider to invalidate the cache.
      • Jean-Marie: turned off caching in insight for big images. Investigating ehcache multiple threads accessing same cache.
        • Josh: should be thread safe and have tests to forward
      • Curtis: scifio position, caching?
        • Josh: wrapper around readers
      • Will: will this effect web?
        • Chris: should mean web doesn’t have to worry / require code changes
    • Re: performance of file format testing this week.
      • Josh: after things are completed, focus on perf. afterwards delete / chgrp
    • Still looming: multi-image file issue
      • Josh: Don’t know where Colin stands import log issues / fixes.
    • NB/Jean-Marie/Elwood: should have “import as...” (aka sudo) PR soon.
      • Demo by Gus for Markus next week
      • Chat to colin about command line version.
  3. Glencoe Update - 14:49 UK

    • Chris: various code improvements pending
    • Chris: moved office (still 2nd floor)
    • Chris: archiving vendor (uk based)
      • Jason: Paris feedback was archiving required, no open source solution, lots of commercial
    • Jason: Laura Koneval (sales, US based)
    • Chris: test data from client for new .afi file format.
      • Melissa: new formats only on develop not 4.4
  4. Satellite Update (every month)

    • Presentation in 2 weeks?
      • April 9th scifio update
    • April 23rd following presentation
  5. Any other business (<5 mins) - 14:47 UK

    • Jason: Ola starting back on Monday ½ time from home, focus on pfelts upgrade.
    • Easter period
      • Jean-Marie: another good time for bug fixing? 350ish bugs
        • Jean-Marie: especially permission testing issues with Will.
    • Recent shopping lists: Bernd, Martin, Jay,...
      • Discuss at standup tomorrow.
    • Uk time update at weekend
  6. Done: 15:10 UK

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