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2013-07-30 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Mark, Chris, Jason, Jean-Marie, Blazej, Petr, Helen, Roger, Will, Ola, Andrew, Simon Remote: Josh, Andreas, Carlos, Kevin, Douglas, Ian, Liza, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Seb. Simard

Agenda - 14:30 Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Summer testing updates - 14:31 UK

    • CI/Partner Projects (Sebastien)
      • Ian: FLIMfit build ran into version issues with Matlab runtime, discussing with Simon and Kenny
      • Ian on Matlab 2013, Dundee still on 2012, so when might Dundee upgrade? Kenny to find out.
      • Andrew: perhaps provide different builds for users of different Matlab versions
      • Curtis: Matlab compiler requires shipping large MCR, Matlab Coder doesn’t but supports fewer features
      • Kevin: access to latest Matlab version depends on if license is owned or if there is an ongoing subscription
      • Ian: maybe should be testing on 2012 anyway
      • Kevin: Octave supports pure Matlab
    • OMERO.server (Blazej)
      • MozTrap test Wednesday / Thursday ? - see MozTrap tutorial
        • Petr: six real scenarios are set up in MozTrap
        • Petr: will still be a Google spreadsheet too
        • Petr: feel free to roam in MozTrap to explore it
        • Petr: is split into Insight / Web, dev_4_4 / develop, etc. combinations as “versions”
        • Blazej: basically just want a smoke-test of the application
        • Petr: include plenty of testers so that they may all provide their feedback
      • Blazej: investigating Cucumber, will update ticket soon
      • Blazej: expecting to remove OmeroJava and work on low-level tests
    • OMERO.web (Will) - 14:46 UK
      • couple of PRs on top of one another, but Ola & Petr are having issues running them.
      • updated old webadmin tests to Selenium2
      • for webclient, looking at what to cover with tests, and in what style
        • each test creates new user, group, etc. as in integration tests? or have multiple tests reuse same setup
        • user, group creation in Selenium would have to be through browser instead of convenient OMERO API
        • webtest could be extended to provide convenience methods for tests
        • Carlos: reusing setup between tests is tricky because tests do change server state
      • Jason: limited time for current web test work raises question of when to stop work on framework and structure and focus on actually covering the UI/application functionality by tests
        • Chris: worth the effort to create clean slate for each test
        • Carlos: clean slate was used for JCB testing
        • Carlos: testing of UI can cover issues not covered by regular integration tests
        • Chris: try to avoid doing test setup by HTTP API
        • Chris: prep mock data in advance with Python code
    • OMERO.insight (Mark)
      • Josh: commonalities among test setup between Web and Insight tests, so should coordinate
      • Mark: Simple test script checking pop-up menu items
      • Mark: Robot framework looking good and usable, to show Petr
      • Mark: JM still comparing other frameworks, maybe combine two. Robot Framework has Selenium2 plugin.
      • Mark: Component naming (in UI) can match with test framework script? Better way here?
        • JM: Issues with coding standards if we tie the UI component names to the test framework.
    • Docs & website (Helen) - 15:10 UK
      • Helen: sphinx docs - Dropbox/FS differentiation documented now, will be live shortly. Now working on TIFF docs
      • Helen: Plone pages to make decisions about, e-mail will follow
        • Community pages need to be updated or removed
      • Helen: script sharing: decisions need to be made before going much further with Plone page
        • useful feedback from Will
        • non-developers interacting with GitHub
        • Chris: ome-scripts repository now not ideal for people to fork and adapt
        • Chris: perhaps a useful template repository could be made forkable and usable without CLI
        • Liza: for simple workflow GitHub tools are pretty good
        • Will: How much time do we put into providing a browser?
        • Jason: Need a better presentation for people who are coming for this first time.
        • Jason: many target users would be put off by something too confusing / technical
      • Chris: Sam can give feedback on how difficult it is for outsiders to contribute Sphinx documentation (CLI plugin work)
    • Scenario writing (Petr)
      • written FLIMfit test scenario, would be great if Ian could check it
      • other scenarios, import, etc. from Paris are all done
      • working with MozTrap, setting up scenarios in it, etc.
        • feels confident in working MozTrap, but needs to know how others feel about using it
          • for instance, others need to be able to use MozTrap to provide feedback about how a multi-step test scenario failed that allows testing beyond first failing step
          • Blazej: doubtful about “minor failure” steps that allow continuing
          • Petr: trying to squeeze the most out of limited tester resources
      • will work more with Mark and Will to catch up with their efforts
      • in trying out MozTrap do click around a lot to test the links and what the application offers
    • Bio-Formats (Melissa)
      • been on leave, so nothing new
      • will catch up with people individually in the near future
      • Kenny: got keys to new node, attaching it to Hudson
      • Roger: generated C++ code building, now completing test cases
      • Roger: has been installing Visual Studio (over several hours)
      • Roger: looking at cmake or scons to make build portable
      • Curtis: using cmake for C++, not scons. Ian and Douglas as well.
    • Workflows for tagging/UI scoping (Gus)
      • Jean-Marie: Some small adjustments to make in the face of user feedback.
      • Gus has organized mockups well in gdoc
  3. Glencoe Update - 15:34 UK

    • two Glencoe job vacancy postings (public)
  4. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:34 UK

    • Dundee vacancy postings: administrator (public), and, soon, Java developer
    • Ice 3.5: Any outstanding reasons not to merge? (Roger)
      • can’t connect Ice 3.5 client to Ice 3.3/3.4 server
      • similar issue with scripts due to Ice-related state persisted in DB (from older versions)
      • new Ice 3.5 server should work fine, though
      • yes, go ahead and merge
    • Jason/Josh: soon will need to decide and scope remaining testing work for August
    • DSE self-assessment (Dundee-only)
      • Jason: please do connect with Lisa Grayson over any issues

Done 15:47 UK

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