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2013-07-02 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Jason, Kenny, Chris, Jean-Marie, Andrew, Ola, Blazej, Mark, Gus, Helen, Petr, Simon, Roger Remote: Josh, Ivan, Carlos, Colin, Ian, Liza, Mark H., Melissa, Sebastien, Sebastien

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Review of plans for summer

    • goals
    • reporting
    • problems/bottlenecks - consortium wrangling, sysadmin resources
    • meetings - individually with group, plus leads to meet pre-Tuesday conference call (Fri post-stand-up? Melissa?)
    • groups & people involved in each section, lead person (in bold):
      • CI/Partner Projects-- Simon, Douglas (?), Ian, Chris, Ivan, Sebastien
      • OMERO.server-- Blazej, Josh, Colin, Petr, Mark
      • OMERO.web-- Carlos, Will, Petr
      • OMERO.insight-- GUI Testing tools for Java-- Mark, Petr
      • Docs & website-- Andrew & Helen (Chris Coletta to assist too)
      • Scenario writing-- Petr
      • Bio-Formats-- Roger & Melissa
      • Workflows for tagging/UI scoping-- Douglas, Jean-Marie, Petr & Gus
    • Notes
      • Use “Testing” milestone; no tickets currently in place.
      • Carlos to start documenting OMERO.web while Will is away
      • Hardware: get your hands dirty, use puppet, homogenize, document!
      • Review state of working groups on Friday.
  3. Moving PySLID into the openmicroscopy GitHub organisation - 14:48 UK

    • Naming and branding?
    • To include API and backend implementation for feature storage and calculation
    • Josh: OMERO.features, omero_features, … (align with omero_searcher)
    • Sebastien: omero.graph is likely coming.
    • Jason: galaxy+omero in twitter world. Josh: emailed to get info.
  4. Newsletter - 14:54 UK

    • Any further amendments needed?
    • When to send it out? Do we wait for more Paris presentations to be available?
    • Kevin: “Thanks” bigger/bold than rest? Move picture to the right?
    • Kevin: ImageJ integration is coming.
    • Boxes? Looked newsletter-y. Gus: can get templates for email. Josh: sphinx?
    • Kevin: number of labs from how many countries, etc.
  5. Chaos in OME-TIFF world - 15:02 UK

    • Pages from search on OME=TIFF are
      here, here, and here. In particular, those who use and write OME-TIFF are very hard to find....
    • Zeiss logos, etc.
    • Search for “OME-TIFF” on homepage or google leads to many results.
    • People who write TIFF page: “Last updated April 2010”
    • and top result is something very technical.
  6. Glencoe Update - 15:06 UK

    • good meeting in Dundee; people away over the next weeks
    • working on internal workflow; “scc”, “corgi” - automated linking of redmine+gh+jenkins
    • Talk to Andreas & Sam Hart if you’re interested.
    • Josh: would like to have multiple statuses (travis+jenkins)
  7. Satellite^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Consortium Update - 15:14 UK

    • Kevin: went really well
    • Ian: dev team enthusiastic about integrating tests. Meeting with PI this PM
    • Jason: sending PI email
  8. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • OME shared calendar access / administration
      • Shared password changed for security.
      • jrslab also configures google search.
    • Twitter feed for website front page - need to apply for license etc if we want to restore it. Is it worth the effort?
    • Jason starting to work on SAB mtg. (Sept 24-25 in London)
  9. Done: 15:25 UK

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