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2013-10-29 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Gus, Simon, Kenny, Jason, Petr, Will, Roger, Emil, Mark, Blazej, Jean-Marie, Colin, Helen, Andrew, Ola Remote: Josh, Ian, Chris Allan, Carlos, Mark, Melissa, Seb S, Seb B, Andreas

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Mozfest report (Will, Petr) - 14:30 UK

    • See
    • Meeting URL
    • OME Presentation
    • Timelapse big images
      • partnership with Google, precompiled mpegs for every tile
    • DAPI jpg stack (from Batch_Image_Export) 3D viewer (for galaxies)
      • JavaScript 3D viewer, showing DNA stain with high dynamic range
        • stacks exported from OMERO
    • Colocalisation plots
      • handles large scatter plots with many points with good performance
        • points can be pixels, with axes being intensity per channel
      • Roger: see how flow cytometry results are presented
      • Will: a challenge is getting all the data to the client
    • Petr:
      • open notebook discussion with thread; everything public immediately
      • how to detect good code
    • Jean-Marie: Was it worth going?
      • Will: Yes, though took too much time in preparing talk.
  3. Open Access Edinburgh Mtg (Helen) - 14:50 UK

    • Program
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • mostly open-access publishing
    • lady from Faculty 1000 research journal
      • publishing some papers with raw data
        • currently doing tables
        • looking to do images
    • guy from Peer J encouraged open data standards
    • Jason: people wanting open data publication not necessarily those producing it
  4. Glencoe Update (Jason, Chris) - 14:55 UK

    • 7th HC screen published
    • searching and tagging will reach mainline code at some point
      • Sam’s tagging stuff now merged
    • working through PRs from Andreas
    • Sam’s caching work coming
  5. Project next steps (Jason) - 14:59 UK

    • Priorities List on Trello
    • adapts initial work by Josh
    • for managing the project, understanding the backlog
    • understands that there is a cost to introducing yet another tool
    • cards organized into themes
    • cards represent significantly varying levels of effort
    • represent users’ and funders’ perspectives, more than technical
    • will be reporting status next March
    • also, next users’ meeting is a target date
    • highlights embarrassing things that really ought to be now fixed
    • could divide project up into lanes, or have many people work on the same card
    • need to include where consortium members’ projects are going
      • especially where they depend on work on OMERO
    • input is encouraged and welcomed
    • would like to get the trello board fairly completely populated by the end of this week
      • then can prioritize and plan the work for the next six months to a year
    • high level: don’t need to include detail down to the level of individual Trac tasks
    • feel free to add cards, they can be moved or merged with existing ones if need be
  6. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits - 15:12 UK

    • Aberdeen microscopy meeting & Dundee Big Data meeting mentioned last week, anything else upcoming?
    • upcoming meetings listed in Google Drive spreadsheet
    • do speak up about meetings where our attendance might have some value
      • preferably meetings we can present at, and will need enough lead time to do so
  7. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:15 UK

    • SAB demo movies going up on
      • still awaiting a couple
      • link will be going up on the website
    • Jabber chat rooms
      • Jason: many, smaller chat rooms mean that people might miss out on important conversations
      • Ola, Kenny: conversations can be quite irrelevant to quite a few people
      • Simon: would help if people knew which chat rooms were available
      • Roger: put off asking questions if devteam is consumed in some other long discussion
      • Roger: may be okay to have a fixed number of well-known chat rooms on specific topics
      • Josh: Adium makes it harder to discover chat rooms and activity in them
      • Andrew: what about searchable logs?
      • Kenny: Jabber server at Dundee is old and probably needs to be replaced
      • Jason: decision is to have fixed rooms, logged, aggregated activity metrics
      • Josh: would be useful to be able to mention things to people in chat rooms and have them easily discover this mention when they come in later and connect
      • Jason: will also look into Jabber server at Dundee
      • Roger: just use IRC on freenode and a logging bot?
    • Time off/sickness emails to nitpick
      • Jason: do they cause people to ignore nitpick?
      • not obviously so
      • June starting on November 4th, such matters will go through her
    • GRE symposium poster (registration by Nov 1st). Suggested title:
      • "Working with OMERO"
      • "OMERO in actions"
      • "What’s new in OMERO - Sharing, Publishing and Analysing Your Image Data"
      • "Sharing, Publishing and Analysing Your Image Data with OMERO"
      • “We’ll show you ours if you’ll show us yours”
      • other.
      • Will will submit poster registration
    • New hires +Feb 1 (re-mention)
      • Dominik
      • Balaji

Done 15:38 UK

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