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2013-07-23 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Andrew, Gus, Mark, Chris, Petr, Helen, Blazej, Simon, Ola, Roger, Kenny (14:42) Remote: Sebastien B, Colin (bad connection), Ian, Andreas, Curtis, Douglas, Mark, Melissa, Sebastien S

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. LSC -x accounts for non-Dundee consortium members (10 mins) - 14:32 UK

    • Can we decide what resources people with external Dundee accounts should/shouldn't have access to e.g. trac, file-shares, hudson, VPN, necromancer, other servers, website/plone, QA2- etc.
    • Simon: this question arises from at the Paris users’ meeting wanting to help consortium members get more involved
    • Chris: those at original satellite meetings should already have plenty of access
    • Chris: giving users -x access is okay, Jason can approve that
      • does not allow VPN access, does allow fileshares if users are in correct groups (indeed, all of squig)
    • Chris: ome-dev group currently gives full access to Jenkins
      • using a different group would change that but adds complication
    • Chris: if Chris Coletta and Ivan are members of ome-dev then much will work (except Agilo)
    • Ian: add Yuri to FLIMfit github repo? Chris: sure
  3. Summer testing updates - 14:42 UK

    • CI/Partner Projects (Sebastien)
      • integrating FLIMfit into Hudson, just installed Matlab, will try to build and package
      • make it possible to deploy FLIMfit artifacts, fast way for Imperial to test changes
      • allow Ian to manage jobs and configuration
      • not much on BioBank, will be after vacation
      • generally going well, more jobs to come under Jenkins’ analysis tab
      • Simon: fixed up pyslid tests, some OMERO.searcher bugs
    • OMERO.server (Blazej)
      • MozTrap instance for integration tests, introduced to Petr
      • next week will work through a scenario in MozTrap as a team
      • reviewing FitNesse, allows simple business logic for test cases underneath, may not have value for our situation
      • intent to evaluate Cucumber
      • Colin reviewing integration tests (pass/fail)
    • OMERO.web (Will, on leave)
      • Ola: testing Will’s PR
    • OMERO.insight (Mark)
      • Looking for opensource frameworks for automated UI testing, but many not maintained.
        • SwingLibrary plug-in for Robot Framework - initially looking okay (also there is a Plone plug-in!)
      • Marathon - aimed at Windows, works enough on Mac
        • porting of Robot Framework scripts might be possible, but documentation is poor
      • many frameworks not updated in the last year, user manuals even older
      • not aware why Robot Framework will not work on Windows
      • prefer scripts to be Python-based rather than Ruby-based due to team familiarity
    • Docs & website (Helen)
      • latest round of tidying and Americanization has gone through
      • next is tiff and format updates and DropBox
      • BioBank now has links on partner pages
      • first draft of script sharing page now up on Plone
    • Scenario writing (Petr)
      • now have working version of FLIMfit on Mac from Ian
      • have been otherwise occupied with 4.4.8p1 and Ice 3.5
      • looking at getting test scenarios into MozTrap
        • Blazej: uses markdown, which should ease the process, including for screenshots
      • got started with Marathon, ran into initial configuration difficulties
    • Bio-Formats (Melissa)
      • cleaning up long-running PRs, few left open
      • improving build stability
      • making supported metadata documentation more robust
      • say today if you need anything, away from tomorrow
      • Kenny: will try builds on newly available servers
      • Roger: C++: working on horrifying xsd-fu stuff
        • difficult to get building properly, but light at end of tunnel
        • Chris: will need to step back and see how we feel about the direction it has gone
    • Workflows for tagging/UI scoping (Gus)
      • scoping, tagging, finishing off work pending since before Paris
      • publication, dashboard, other work
      • keeping user documentation up to date
      • developing training materials for workflows in discussion with others in CLS
      • Chris: status of QA suggestions from Logan at NREL?
        • Ola/Sebastien: thanked him, suggested move to fora, haven’t heard more
        • Chris: Gus should contact Logan to see if he will discuss his ideas further
  4. Glencoe Update - 15:08 UK

    • Chris:
      • focus on tagging UI and performance (Andreas)
      • dataset based on scripts from on Will’s Gene Ontology work, includes many tags
      • usability issues arisen, should discuss (including Gus, Liza)
      • command-line plug-in for working on tags (Sam)
    • Roger: is semantics of tagging being changed, problems with that fixed?
      • Chris: no
    • Douglas: meaning of tagset is ambiguous
      • Chris: decisions on that are beyond Glencoe alone
  5. Consortium Update (every month) - 15:13 UK

    • skipped
  6. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:13 UK

    • Chris: barbecue plans?
      • perhaps some car-pooling is possible
    • Dundee-only: chairs, chair is available to try in the lab
      • ordered by Wendy

Done 15:22 UK

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