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2013-07-09-Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Will, Chris, Helen, Petr, Kenny, Andrew, Ola, Simon, Roger Remote: Blazej, Jason, Ian, Sebastien, Carlos, Colin, Ivan, Douglas, Kevin, Mark, Melissa, Sebastien,

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Current issue with new methods in 2013-06 model breaking imports - how do we move forward on this?

    • Not-implemented stubs in OMERO model are now called and throwing
    • Should stubs be not-implemented? No - should be implemented
    • Model now provides location for data - ready to be implemented
    • Roger will have a look - only OMEROMetadataStore needs to change
    • Ticket exists - currently Mark Carroll.
  3. Summer progress updates

    • CI/Partner Projects (Sebastien)

      • Ian & Simon - Simon handling wnd-charm
      • Nodes needed for deploying builds - install projects (webapp / client etc) - run tests
      • Production testing - not currently handled by our CI. Need partners
      • Seb running OMERO 4 & 5 on same node
      • Which versions of E.g. searcher & OMERO do we test? What combinations?
      • Needs jobs to install all dependencies etc.
      • Test data - hosting?
      • Jason: can’t handle all versions - needs to be readily available via github etc. Keep it simple. Stick with what we know. Use stable releases - 4.4.8
      • Seb: sometimes need latest server
      • Ian: mostly using latest stable release, but then can miss bugs until after release
      • Seb: synchronise OMERO and projects releases - test together
      • Curtis: can’t couple everything. E.g. OMERO & ImageJ - Need rapid releases to address bug-fixes Need binary that we know works with particular project - patch release / internal release?
      • Seb: OMERO users don’t want to upgrade very frequently - Curtis: keep internal / tag
    • OMERO.server (Blazej)

      • Scoping doc mostly finalised
    • VM is running (thanks Kenny) MozTrap

      • Petr: Manage test runs - pick environment E.g. Firefox - Assign to test runs
      • Assessing this tool for managing the manual testing scenarios
      • Hope to overcome some of the limitations of using gdocs
      • Tester can browse tests by Product, version etc. Choose test...
      • Allows more granular definition of steps
      • Can record which steps of the scenario have failed, link to tickets etc.
      • Some issues to work out - attaching of screenshots, fail on a single step only (no other comments)
      • Tests could be longer (long page of steps)
      • Can stop and restart tests part way through
      • Blazej & Petr - create test scenarios to try, real OME scenario(s)
    • OMERO.web (Will)

      • Carlos’ favourite: Selenium (automated GUI testing framework)
      • Will tried Selenium 1.x tests with 2.x with no success #11234
      • Try to update / port existing tests or start new tests from scratch?
      • Carlos: Straightforward to run v1 scenarios with prep work (wrapper)
      • Carlos: Little reason to maintain backwards compatibility on tests
      • Carlos: Very little reason to not to start from scratch
      • Carlos: Saucelabs - accepts selenium tests and runs on their infrastructure
      • Carlos: Can keep basic structure -> translation can be done
      • Carlos: IDEs to record sequences (which can be tweaked) to turn into tests, to apply to e.g. all browsers.
    • OMERO.insight (Mark on leave)

    • Docs & website (Helen)

      • sphinx theme repo - 1 PR per theme update
      • FS changes summary pages (sysadmin and developer) in progress
      • Moving images out of repo - on hold. Will require moving to new docs repo
      • The move will break all our tags - big issue.
      • Website fixes.. plone upgrade in August
      • Roger: Can we do Plone / Sphinx CSS tweaking / fixes -
    • Scenario writing (Petr)

      • new OMERO.searcher scenario PR
      • waiting on Ian for FLIMfit scenario
    • Bio-Formats (Melissa)

      • repository performance fixes
      • xsd-fu - to not just generate Java
      • Roger: C++ from xsd-fu. Opening PRs in next few weeks
      • looking at qt + openGL for test UI
    • Workflows for tagging/UI scoping (Gus on leave)

  4. Glencoe Update Working on OMERO.web tagging that Gus, JM, Will et al have spent time on Mockups. Andreas has started on this. Will have some goodies available end of this week / begining of next.

  5. Consortium Update (every month)

    • Douglas: progress on C++ gateway
    • Ian Munro: Seb covered everything
    • Ivan: Update next week
  6. Any other business (<5 mins)

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