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Viewing Images

Launch a Viewer

  • From the Data Manager or Working Area, select an image and click on the viewing Images icon.
  • From the Data Manager or Working Area, double-click on the image.

Note that you can have multiple viewers opened at the time.

Tool Bar explained

Tool Bar

The Image View tab is the default view.

To modify the rendering settings:

  • Click on on the Render Button icon.
  • Then go the panel displayed on the Right-hand side of the image (see image below) to
    • modify the interval value
    • modify the mapping, bit resolution, etc.
    • reset some settings
    • view if other users have viewed the image and view how the settings they used

To modify Z-section, Time, Channels Exploration, Color control etc, see below

Main Viewer

Projection View

If you image has several z-sections, to project the image, go to the Projection View tab.

  • select the type of projection i.e. maximum or minimum intensity
  • The interval to project.
  • The number of z-sections to project within the interval.
  • Option to tune the previewed image before creation
  • Preview the result before creating the projected image.
  • Click on the Project... button for setting final settings.
Projections Viewer

Magnify Area of image, movie player, save image.

Save Movie

Split View

The Split View allows the user to see each channel as a separate image. It is possible to:

  • Turn channels on/off.
  • Select z-section and time-point.
  • Switch between color model and grey scale.
  • etc.
Split View

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