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With over 1900 OMERO.server instances up and running worldwide, OMERO has been shown to be relatively easy to install and get running. There are instructions for manual install on Linux and OS X, as well as Windows.

OMERO Client Documentation

All our 'for scientists' documentation, downloads, and install instructions can be found from the Client Documentation page.

If you are a OMERO.server administrator or developer, head over to the OMERO Trac website for all our admin and dev documentation.

OMERO.server Installation

As a full server product, installing OMERO.server is a more technical process. Detailed instructions are available for installing and upgrading.


Each component of the OMERO platform has a separate set of prerequisites. Where possible, we provide tips on getting started with each of these technologies, but we can only provide free support within limits.

Package Server Java Python Ice Postgres
OMERO.importer Required Required
OMERO.insight Required Required
OMERO.editor Required for some functionality Required
OMERO.server Required Required Required Required
OMERO.web Required Required Required Required for most functionality Required Required
OMERO.cpp Required for most functionality Required
Notes   Java 1.5 SE Development Kit (JDK) or higher installed. Available from:
PostgreSQL 8.1 or higher installed (8.2 on Windows) and configured to accept TCP connections. For more information, see our OMERO and PostgreSQL page.

Extending OMERO

Developers documentation is available on Trac. There are extension points to add OMERO server functionality as described on the Extending OMERO page as well as add to agents to Insight. See "OmeroInsightArchitecture" for more information.

Instructions on writing your own OmeroClients or scripts that work via the OMERO API, in a number of languages are listed as part of the analysis page.

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