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Client Overview

OMERO ships as a server application OMERO.server and a series of clients OMERO.insight, OMERO.importer, OMERO.web and OMERO.editor that run on all the major operating systems and provide image visualisation, management, and annotation to users from remote locations. OMERO.clients is our collective term for our applications that allows users access to their data in the OMERO.server.

For links to all available info on the OMERO clients, please see the Client Documentation page.

Most laboratories use a number of different imaging platforms and thus require tools to manage, visualise and analyse heterogeneous sets of image data recorded in a range of file formats. Ideally a single set of applications, running on a user's laptop or workstation, could access all sets of data, and provide easy-to-use access to this data.

We have designed and built several OMERO client applications for use with the OMERO Server.





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