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OMERO.insight provides a number of tools for accessing and using data in an OMERO Server.
To know more, visit OMERO.insight Getting Started.


  • DataManager, a traditional tree-based view of the data hierarchies in an OMERO Server. DataManager supports access to all image metadata, annotations, tags.
  • ImageViewer, for visualisation of 5D images (space, channel, time). The ImageViewer makes use of the OMERO Server's Rendering Engine, and provides high-performance viewing of multi-dimensional images on standard workstations (e.g. scrolling through space and time), without requiring installation of high-powered graphics cards. Most importantly, image viewing at remote locations is enable. Image rendering settings are saved and chosen by user ID, (e.g. a I can see an image with the same rendering settings used by a student).
  • Measurement Tool, a sub-application of ImageViewer that enables size and intensity measurements of defined regions-of-interest (ROIs). Definition of ROIs is currently completely manual, but will be automated in the future.
  • Working Area, for viewing, annotating, and manipulating large sets of image data.
  • Administrate users

OMERO.importer and OMERO.insight are written in Java and require Java 1.5 (or higher) to be installed on the user's computer (automatically installed on up-to-date OS X and Windows XP systems).

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