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Managing Data

Back to OMERO.insight,

  • Launch the OMERO.insight application.
  • Connect to the server (see Getting Started).

Once successfully logged in, the default view of the Data Manager will pop up on screen. The Data Manager serves as the major portal for the user into his/her data hierarchies.

Data Manager

Create Objects

Data Manager Toolbar

To create a new Project (resp. Dataset),

  • Expand the Hierarchies browser
  • Click on the Managing Data icon.

The following window will pop up on screen

Creating Data

After pressing the Create button, a new Project (resp. Dataset) e.g. Monday Acquisition is created in the OMERO server, and displayed in the Inspector

To add a new Dataset to the Project Monday Acquisition:

  • Select the Project, then either

  • Right-click on the selected Project. Then select New Dataset... from the pop-up menu.

  • Or click on the New File Button icon.

  • The Create dialog will pop up.

  • Once created, the new Dataset will appear under the selected Project.

To create:

  • Tag or Tag Set, expand the Tags browser and click on the New File Button icon.
  • Plate, expand the Screens browser and click on the New File Button icon.


Tool Bar

Using the Inspector, the user can

  • Cut (i.e. unlink) Datasets (resp. Images) from a Project (resp. Dataset).
  • Copy or Paste Datasets (resp. Images) to a Project (resp. Dataset). This is NOT a deep copy i.e. a link between the Dataset (resp. Image) and the Project (resp. Dataset) is created. We view the possibility as a feature. The user can add the same Dataset (resp. Image) to several Projects (resp. Datasets) and only have one Dataset (resp. Image) to handle.
  • Delete Project, Dataset, Image, etc.

Same options are available for Plate, Screen, Tag Set and Tag.

Working Area

The Working area is built and displayed when browsing data e.g. a Plate

Tool Bar
  • Browsing a Project (resp. Dataset, Plate):

    • Select the Project (resp. Dataset, Plate) in the Inspector.
    • Click on the Thumbnail View icon.
  • Expanding a Dataset, a Tag or a time interval.

Working Area tool bar explained

Working Area

The user can then filter the displayed images.


Handle Metadata and Edit Object

OMERO offers the option to handle various types of annotation.

  • Rating
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)

How to add, view metadata

  • Select the Project, Dataset, Plate, or the Image(s) in the Inspector or Working Area
  • Go to the Metadata Browser i.e. Right-hand side.
Data Manager Metadata
  • To Edit the image's name, click on the Edit Name Icon icon next to the name.

Managing Image Attachments

Attachments can be downloaded, viewed, and deleted by clicking the double arrow beside each one. Note that unlinking an attachment from an image will remove the link between the two, but will NOT delete the attachment from the server.

Annotation Tab

View Acquisition Metadata

The acquisition metadata read at import is displayed in the Right-hand panel under the Acquisition tab.

Acquisition Panel

Image Preview

The Preview tab on the Right-hand panel provides a mini preview window of your image and allows you to tune some of the rendering settings without having to launch the full image viewer.

Preview Tab


Full text searching. You can also use wild-cards in your search e.g. *.dv will find all files ending with '.dv'.

Data Manager Search

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