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Getting Started with OMERO.editor

This is a very quick guide on how to begin working with the OMERO.editor tool.

A number of example protocol files are available on-line, for demonstrating how you might record an experiment with OMERO.editor. To download and view these files, click on the 'www-folder' icon www folder in the tool-bar. This will present you with a dialog where you can choose from a selection of example files and open them in the Editor (not shown).

Start Blank Protocol

To start a blank protocol, click the 'new-file' icon new file in the tool bar. The following screen will appear:

The first 'step' of the protocol has been added. This is the "Title Step" of the protocol and it's name can be edited in the top of the right panel.

To add additional steps to the protocol, click the Add Icon icon in the tool bar. Steps will be added below the currently selected step.

To add text to the step, simply type in the step in the center panel. The step can also be given a name by editing in the right panel as before.

In the example below, the text was copied, pasted and edited from a protocol available as a PDF described here.

After adding another step, pasting some more text, and editing the name of the step, the file looks like this:

Now it's time to add parameters to this protocol. The "parameters" are variables in the protocol that change often and can be used to summarise the protocol.

Parameters can be defined from existing text by highlighting the text, and clicking the "Add Parameter" icon Add Parameter Icon beside the text.

A parameter has been added in place of the highlighted text, and the parameter has been named using that text. The parameter name can be seen and edited in the panel to the right. It is also possible to set a default value and change the "type" of parameter here.

Next, change the name of the parameter to "fixative" and the type of parameter from "text" to "Drop-down menu" using the chooser in the right panel. Now enter some options for the parameter (separated by commas) e.g. "Methanol, Paraformaldehyde". If you wish, you can now choose one of these options as a default value for this parameter.

Click "Save" to save the current file. If you are connected to the server, you will have a choice of saving the file to the server, or saving the file locally to your computer.

It is also possible to save any file as a new file to the server or locally using options in the File menu.

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