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Importing Images

To get the list of file formats currently supported in OMERO, go to Supported Formats.

In order to import images into an OMERO server, you need to:

  • Launch the OMERO.importer application.
  • Connect to the server (see Getting Started).
File Queue

To import images:

  • User the File Chooser panel to browser and select the images.
  • Add the selected images to the Import Queue by pressing the Add Button icon.
  • The Import window pops up (see below).

Where and How

  • Select or Add a project and dataset where to import the images.

  • The File Naming section allows to select the name of the imported images

    • short version e.g. myImage.tiff
    • full version e.g. C:importantWork/stuff/myImage.tiff
    • customised version i.e. the short version plus a number of leading directories e.g. stuff/myImage.tiff
  • Press the Add to Queue button.


Once you have finished selecting images, press the Import button. You can view the progress in the Status column of the Import Queue.

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