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Getting Started with OMERO.insight & OMERO.importer


First of, you MUST have an OMERO server installed. You need to download and install the versions of OMERO clients (i.e. OMERO.importer and OMERO.insight) compatible with your OMERO.server.

The latest versions are available for download from the Milestone Download page. Once downloaded, double-click the package to start the install process.

Logging in

The administrator who set the OMERO server will provide you with a user name, a password and the address of the OMERO server where your data are stored. If the administrator opted for the LDAP authentication, you can use your usual user name and password. The connection to the server is ALWAYS secured.

The log-in procedure is the same for OMERO.importer and OMERO.insight.

Login Window

Select server

To enter the address of the server, click on the Pressing Config icon in the top-right corner of the login window. A Servers dialog will pop up.

Server Login Dialog

You can either:

  1. Add the address of a new OMERO server by clicking on the Add Button icon
  2. To edit an existing OMERO, select the server to edit and click on the Edit Button icon.
  3. Same as 2., then click on the port.

Note: The default port is 4064, you should not have to modify this value. If you have to, your system administrator will give you the new value.

You can also indicate the speed of your network connection:

  • LAN (default value)
  • High
  • Low

The speed's information is used for example to set the compression level of the images rendered by the server i.e.

  • LAN: No compression
  • High: Medium compression
  • Low: High compression

Then click the Apply button.

Note: The name of the selected server and the connection's speed are displayed in the Login Dialog.

Secure Data Transfer

The connection to the server is always secured. Nevertheless, it is possible to select to encrypt the data transfer if desired. If selected, the data transfer will be much slower.

  • To encrypt the transfer, click on OmeroInsightGettingStarted.
  • By default, the data transfer is not encrypted i.e. OmeroInsightGettingStarted.

Log in

  1. Enter your username and password.
  2. Click the Login button.

If you are a member of several groups, the second time you wish to log in you will have the option to select the group you wish to log into. See below

Selecting Group

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