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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings OME-XML Meetings 2011.08.13


Attending: Jean-Marie, Andrew, Jason


  • Add copyright instructions to OME-XML best practice page.
  • Write to the list outlining our plans (over next year)
  • Our XML pages need to be more user friendly (could we have code snippets?)
  • Order of tasks for next two weeks: XSLT, Web page updates, Mocks
  • Plan to ask representatives of SPIM,FLIM,EM "Can you work with this...?"
  • Modulus Proposal - Write next week (15th-19th) ready for sending to list.
  • Recruit an evangelist in the SPIM community (Stefan)
  • Phase based data page (check with Will)
  • Have SPIM based solution proposal finalised by mid September.
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