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2010.11.25-XML Notes-Mk2

OME-XML (Josh, Jean-Marie, Chris, Andrew)

  • Requirements for improving OME-TIFF

    • Institute in Estonia
      • Putting 1000 images in one OME-XML
      • Lots of annotations in comments, long, boolean
    • (Jason forwarding screening email)
      • Export a single row / column / well group
      • Not duplicating XML for each field, plane, etc.
    • Jean-Marie using OME-TIFF to communicate with ImageJ
  • OME-TIFF "lite", "basic"?

    • Just for display
  • Namespaces for annotations, etc.

  • Export

    • Where will we export from? (cF. cluster example)
    • Doing it in the client?
    • Andrew: Transporting one big TIFF and the client can piece it apart
    • Chris: exporter has to be modular
    • Jean-Marie: a danger is there are no clear strategies on namespace
    • Chris: Delete-like configuration, then choose the images
      • Josh: Instrument and a single plane?
      • Jean-Marie & Chris: Wait.
  • Using Metadata levels?

    • Josh: something similar in delete and in upcoming chgrp
    • Metadata levels are currently just 4 options: ALL, PIXELS-ONLY, ROI
    • Intentation as opposed to implementation
      • Not as flexible as delete
      • That flexibility is probably overkill for export
    • Then technically do the export
      • TIFF per file
      • All ZIP'ed
    • Andrew: Metadata-only files?
      • OME-TIFFs as the companion file with minimal spec
      • Pseudo-schema on top of 2010-06 in OME-TIFF (only )
      • Lots of coding work
  • Steps

    • Delete-style options
    • Data-layout options (zip, single plane, etc.)
    • Model: how to split the files. (release before server?)
      • Andrew: publish but don't release (PREVIEW)
    • SA best practices
      • Have to show it in insight/web!
    • Round-tripping
      • LSIDs working
      • Have a graph which was written in the original import (utility of that?)
    • Full OmeroReader implementation (all 400 methods)
      • a couple of individuals; reverse of the Store
    • Timescale: something by mid- to late-January

[ I'll write up the steps as tickets under their own requirement ]

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