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2013.08.29 Detector


The values stored in Detector represent the fixed values, variable values modified during the acquisition go in DetectorSettings

  • ManufacturerSpec
    • This is the base from which many microscope components are extended. It provides attributes for recording common properties of these components all of which are optional.
      • Manufacturer
        • The manufacturer of the component. [plain text string]
      • Model
        • The Model of the component. [plain text string]
      • SerialNumber
        • The serial number of the component. [plain text string]
      • LotNumber
        • The lot number of the component. [plain text string]
  • Gain
    • The Detector Gain for this detector, as a float. [units:none] {used:CCD,EMCCD,PMT} - Roger: Generic
  • Voltage
    • The Voltage of the detector (e.g. PMT voltage) as a float. volts[V] {used:PMT}
  • Offset
    • The Detector Offset. [units:none] {used:CCD,EMCCD}
  • Zoom
    • The fixed Zoom for a detector. [units:none] {used:PMT}
  • AmplificationGain
    • Gain applied to the detector signal. This is the electronic gain (as apposed to the inherent gain) that is set for the detector. [units:none] {used:EMCCD#EMGain} - Roger: Used everywhere "multiplier"
  • Type
    • The Type of detector. Enum with values:
      • CCD (Charge-Coupled Device)
      • IntensifiedCCD
      • AnalogVideo
      • PMT (Photomultiplier tube)
      • Photodiode
      • Spectroscopy
      • LifetimeImaging
      • CorrelationSpectroscopy
      • FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy)
      • EMCCD (Electron Multiplying Charge Coupled Device)
      • APD (Avalanche Photodiode)
      • CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)
      • EBCCD (electron-bombarded charge-coupled device)
      • Other


The values stored in DetectorSettings represent the variable values modified during the acquisition.

  • Offset
    • The Offset of the detector. [units none] {used:CCD,EMCCD}
  • Gain
    • The Gain of the detector. [units:none] {used:CCD,EMCCD,PMT}
  • Voltage
    • The Voltage of the detector. volts[V] {used:PMT}
  • Zoom
    • The Zoom or "Confocal Zoom" or "Scan Zoom" for a detector. [units:none] {used:PMT}
  • ReadOutRate
    • The speed at which the detector can count pixels. {used:CCD,EMCCD} Units of ReadOutRate is MHz. This is the bytes per second that can be read from the detector (like a baud rate). megahertz[MHz]
  • Binning
    • Represents the number of pixels that are combined to form larger pixels. {used:CCD,EMCCD} Enum with values:
      • 1x1
      • 2x2
      • 4x4
      • 8x8
      • Other
  • Integration
    • This is the number of sequential frames that get averaged, to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. [units:none] {used:CCD,EMCCD}

Actions from last meeting:

  • Action: To define a list of the valid date-time ranges used by various libraries and databases we use. And in DB do we use timestamp or timestamp+timezone.

  • Action: Update the graffle and send to nitpick then develop with deadlines for comments. - DONE

  • Action: replace with Separator/Terminator and CDATA block - DONE

  • Action: Produce list of candidates for annotation - DONE


Unsure (to discuss)
  • Experiment
  • ImagingEnvironment
Elements already with an Annotation
  • AnnotationRef
  • Channel
  • Dataset
  • Experimenter
  • ExperimenterGroup
  • Image
  • Pixels
  • Plane
  • Plate
  • PlateAcquisition
  • Project
  • Reagent
  • ROI
  • Screen
  • Well
  • WellSample
Elements I propose to add annotations to
  • Detector
  • Dichroic
  • Filter
  • Instrument
  • LightPath
  • LightSource
  • Objective
Element left without annotations

either these do not seem to be a good candidate for annotation, or they are in a 1-to-1 relationship with an element that is annotated/proposed.

  • Arc
  • BinaryFile
  • BinData
  • Filament
  • Laser
  • LightEmittingDiode
  • MicrobeamManipulation
  • Microscope
  • OME
  • Pump
  • Shape (and all the shape sub-types)
  • StageLabel
  • StructuredAnnotations
  • TransmittanceRange
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