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2013.08.15 Phase2

Phase 2 Ticket is (#10284)

Gathering requirements

  • (#11346): Review use of xml-lists

  • (#11345): Remove light specific terms

  • (#11293): Disallow unparsable timestamp

    • Time - acceptable formats

      • Should we allow more year digits?
      • Should we allow negative years?
    • File with (extreme) sample date-times made, at present bio-formats does not handle the AcquisitionDate time and time annotation in the same way.

  • We will allow more year digits.
  • We will allow negative dates.
  • We will allow more than 3 decimal places, but include documentation saying that the value may be truncated on reading.
  • Action: To define a list of the valid date-time ranges used by various libraries and databases we use. And in DB do we use timestamp or timestamp+timezone.
  • Look into storing the unprocessed datetime string in bio-formats/omero and converting to variable as needed. This will allow future code to upgrade accuracy (Java 8 should give nanosecond resolution!), and also exported datetimes to be identical to the imported value.

Schema changes in progress:

  • Add configuration settings override to Plane, in an either/or manner with Channel if possible

  • Action: Update the graffle and send to nitpick then develop with deadlines for comments.

  • Schema changes on commit: View:7b721a0

    • (#11341): Map added to new Annotation and other elements
  • Key/Value as XML is too verbose

  • Action: replace with Separator/Terminator and CDATA block

  • Schema changes on commit: View:6caa141

  • Looked OK once map change above propagated

Code changes in progress:


  • (#11342): Expand list of annotatable objects
  • Action: Produce list of candidates for annotation

  • (#3757) : Record Image Type (e.g PET, MRI)

  • (#3682) : Detector - Changing to a new complex entity (similar to LightSource)

  • (#11343): Add a generic detector

  • (#3743) : Add Pinhole Spacing

  • (#3742) : Field Rotation Attribute

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