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2011.09.23-Big Images & OME-TIFF Pyramid


Proposed annotation covering Pyramids

This is an initial idea for an annotation to store the pyramid structure within an OME-TIFF file.

The IDs used in the Level element will not survive import into the server, but they do not need to as the pyramid is handled differently in the server.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<OME xmlns=""
    <Image ID="Image:0.0">
        <Pixels ID="Pixels:0.0" DimensionOrder="XYZCT" Type="int8"
                SizeX="1024" SizeY="1024" SizeZ="1" SizeC="1" SizeT="1">
    <Image ID="Image:0.1">
        <Pixels ID="Pixels:0.1" DimensionOrder="XYZCT" Type="int8"
                SizeX="512" SizeY="512" SizeZ="1" SizeC="1" SizeT="1">
    <Image ID="Image:0.2">
        <Pixels ID="Pixels:0.2" DimensionOrder="XYZCT" Type="int8"
                SizeX="256" SizeY="256" SizeZ="1" SizeC="1" SizeT="1">
    <Image ID="Image:0.3">
        <Pixels ID="Pixels:0.3" DimensionOrder="XYZCT" Type="int8"
                SizeX="128" SizeY="128" SizeZ="1" SizeC="1" SizeT="1">
    <Image ID="Image:0.4">
        <Pixels ID="Pixels:0.4" DimensionOrder="XYZCT" Type="int8"
                SizeX="64" SizeY="64" SizeZ="1" SizeC="1" SizeT="1">
    <Image ID="Image:0.5">
        <Pixels ID="Pixels:0.5" DimensionOrder="XYZCT" Type="int8"
                SizeX="32" SizeY="32" SizeZ="1" SizeC="1" SizeT="1">
    <Image ID="Image:0.6">
        <Pixels ID="Pixels:0.6" DimensionOrder="XYZCT" Type="int8"
                SizeX="16" SizeY="16" SizeZ="1" SizeC="1" SizeT="1">
        <SA:XMLAnnotation ID="Annotation:1" Namespace="">
                <Pyramid namespace="">
                    <Level ID="Image:0.0" Number="0"/>
                    <Level ID="Image:0.1" Number="1"/>
                    <Level ID="Image:0.2" Number="2"/>
                    <Level ID="Image:0.3" Number="3"/>
                    <Level ID="Image:0.4" Number="4"/>
                    <Level ID="Image:0.5" Number="5"/>
                    <Level ID="Image:0.6" Number="6"/>


  • Is this annotation ok loose at the top level or should it be attached to all the images? (Andrew)
  • Are there other similar requirements that it would make sense to include, since this is roughly a (single-file) image-image link? (Josh)
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