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2011.09.21-Big Images & OME-TIFF

Attending: Melissa, Jean-Marie, Andrew, Josh

  • Josh: HDF

    • tongue-in-cheek
    • would be better but not really relevant
    • since we don’t have anything ready.
    • Melissa: Java libraries are also
  • Melissa: our pyramid files are following the TIFF spec

  • Andrew: are we clear what we need to try this?

    • Melissa: the existing metadata is enough
    • Success is:
      • bfconvert .svs to .ometiff
      • if that works, then we should be fine.
    • Tile size is stored in the TIFF header
    • We let the container formats handle chunking/tiling.
  • Jean-Marie: cF Imaris.

    • Offer of help from Marius
    • Need to be careful to not overwhelm libtiffs eventually.
  • Andrew:

    • BinData? The files would be huge.
    • Melissa: OmeXmlWriter does NOT support writing chunks.
      • There’s a ticket for it.
  • Next steps:

    • Josh: so we’re saying our pyramid files should become the “standard”?
    • Melissa: pyramids don’t have OME-XML block yet.
      • Josh: right but add on export
    • Andrew: use the metadata-only companion file?
    • Melissa: do we want to require the full pyramid? Or optional?
      • Andrew: optional since others will make a mess of it?
      • Josh: it’s about consumption
      • Melissa: to strongly recommend we should push into BF
    • Andrew: so no model changes?
    • Melissa: for full pyramid solution
  • would help to have a field with info on the resolutions

  • Josh: with the current pyramid files and no extra info...

    • Andrew: could you tell it was a pyramid?
    • Melissa: visually, yes.
      • You could check aspeect ratios...
  • Andrew: i.e. no flag in TIFF to say, “pyramid”

    • IDs are the sequence of images that make the pyramid, etc.
  • Andrew: short-term top-level annotation to describe pyramids.

    • Josh/Chris: modify exporter to inject OME-XML
      • Melissa: filename of .ome.tiff should just work
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