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Attending: Andrew, Jean-Marie

Topics & Tickets Covered

Aligning Model & OMERO

  • #2821 Model synchronization and unification - Story for these changes
  • #2826 Microbeam manipulation - add optional description to the model
  • #2822 Well is missing status field - Fix by adding to DB & update Insight/Web to display the value

Suggest remove OTF from model - For FLIM we need the IRF so do we want to model this stuff at all.

Ask Jason and Sam - if following tickets kept, about #2824

  • #2824 OTF: objective vs objective settings
  • #2831 OTF: Path - if kept may need to change to not use Bin:BinaryFile as that is why the path/filename is required.

Binary Only

  • #3538 Adjust model for new OME-TIFF use cases - Change the OME code of the model, provide samples on ticket first.


  • #4701 Licences on XSD and XSLT files - discuss collected results with melissa/curtis/josh


  • #3735 Specify software environment - Change the OME code of the model, provide samples on ticket first.


  • #3676 Filter:Model documentation - change made ready for next schema release


  • #2574 Make "name" fields optional in SPW - update the docs as inconsistent, decision required on enforcing names, we recommend that all are required in the model with possible exception of PlateAcquisition
  • #3128 Rename SPW collections - API fix needed
  • #3675 BUG: SPW PlateAcquisition<-> WellSample Ref - close as "do not fix", can reopen if a good reason to do this appears again.


  • #1908 XML: Linkage - ROI support
  • #4469 Model: font attributes - Change the schema model, DB model, web and insight, also provide a mapping for FontFamily to use for DB upgrade and XSLT upgrade.
  • #4391 ROI-shape 'transformation' - changes will be moved to next release after 4.3 as needs measurement tool reworked
  • #4392 ROI-shape 'points' - I made no notes for this one???
  • #4393 ROI polygon vv polyline vv line - split into two tickets:
    1. the Polygon changes to the DB and Insights (reuse #4393)
    2. the bug with Insight's use of Polyline v Line (new ticket)


  1. Update the relevant tickets above - ajp, j-m
  2. Create new tickets for ROI proposal and graffle - ajp
  3. Create new ticket related to code change - j-m
  4. Update DB upgrade ticket - j-m
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