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2012.02.23 - Model & Database Alignment Mk2

Agenda & Decisions

  • Image MicrobeamManipulation
    • Mail to lists asking who is using, how and why
  • Original File
    • Add to OME XML model - work with Colin
  • Group Contact or Leader
    • Handel in xsd-fu
  • Annotation on Group
    • Fix in model
  • OME:Group v experimentergroup
    • Change OME:Group to OME:ExperimenterGroup in XSD Model
  • OME:Channel v LogicalChannel
    • Deprecate logicalchannel in DB and move up contents up to channel
  • OME:Image, OME:Pixels, image and pixels
    • Deprecate pixels in DB, deprecate Pixels in Model and move up contents up to image and OME:Image
  • Annotation: NumericAnnotation
    • put in app info as abstract
  • Annotation: TextAnnotation
    • put in app info as abstract
  • Image archived in DB
    • on hold
  • Image format in DB
    • reader name, what imported the image, keep in DB only, does not make sense in OME file.
  • Image partial in DB
    • fs work around, remove (check with colin)
  • Pixels methodology in DB
    • remove as associated with "relatedto"
  • Pixels sha1 in DB and Plane:HashSHA1 in Model
    • Check tickets exist and shelve for 4.4?
  • Pixels waveIncrement in DB
    • remove
  • Pixels waveStart in DB
    • remove
  • Well type in DB
    • keep and merge in "status"
    • In Model rename Status to Type
    • In DB remove Status
    • In xsd file in "Status" - remove text: "This string is likely to become an enumeration in future releases."
  • Experimenter:DisplayName
    • REMOVE (And see why it was added!)
  • OTF:ObjectiveSettings
    • REMOVE
  • WellSample:Index
    • COMPARE TO well_index (Either DIFFER? or check with Chris and change code to cope with unordered set?)
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