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Attending: Simon, Alison, Keith


  • Action Items:

    • Andy: get project extract sorted - done Project extracts for 267 & 347 on server
    • Andy: prioritize 6454 (Auditing Wishlist) - done
    • Simon: update what's on the VM - done. Demo server now running latest omero/hic master branch
    • Simon & Scott: Tickets from agenda:
    • #6139 First pass of data export (download as CSV) - done
    • Project hand-over @ HIC - done ??
    • Initial demo to HIC & Feedback @ Ninewells - done
  • Review:

    • Progress interrupted by leave & illness (Simon & Scott) over last 2 weeks
    • First pass of feedback from Keith (at meeting on 10.11.2011) complete -- Mainly ensure that all navigable pages display something, either (1) real data, or (2) a description of what should be displayed.
  • Plans:

    • Improve UX -
      • Display of tables -- initial response to HIC feedback this morning
      • Data visualisation (mockups)
    • Two week deploy/feedback cycle to begin in new year
  • Any Other Business...


  • Simon, Alison, Keith


  • Feedback from Alison:

    • In each dataset (certainly for 267), the dates aren't appearing as dates
    • can the name of the dataset appear at the top of the dataset view
    • in the audit log, it would be useful to have the user name as well as the user id
    • in the CHI dataset (267), the type_diabetes looks a bit strange as the type 1s are sitting as '-1' but this may be the underlying data we provided. Type 2s are 2 as expected.
    • in the BMI dataset (267), presumably where there are missing values 'nan' appears. In other files NULL appears. I would prefer either NULL or leave it blank
    • in the virology dataset (267) the Result doesn't look correct, all are 132217920
    • when looking at lots of lines of data I find it easier when there is "zebra-striping" (highlighting alternate lines of data)
  • Notes:

    • Alison pointed out that the project extracts (267 & 347) are old. Project schemas have changed and are moving towards being standardised at HIC with all projects using similar fields. Alison wondered how this affects current functionality of websilo. Simon requested updated project extracts and more information about the standardisation to give a definitive answer.
    • Discussion of auditing wishlist #6454. Alison to review this and potentially respond with updated/clarified requests for working with audit data.
    • Simon: grateful for feedback about demo. Useful and initial feedback tends to confirm priorites that we (omero team) had noticed, e.g. user experience, plain language, &c.
    • Short discussion of data export as first pass of replicating existing workflow but with project datasets stored using OMERO and audited. Short discussion followed about how to make this more useful, auditing seems to be a priority here but it is necessary at some point to ensure that the data doesn't leave OMERO and is therefore always covered by auditing, access control, etc.
    • Project hand-over at HIC is done. Alison & Keith are getting up to speed and taking ownership of the project. Simon suggested that this is an opportunity to drive the development of tools that support what HIC aims to do and make life easier.
    • Need to improve UX - from both feedback from Alison & internal recognition of deficiencie of current software.
    • Mockups of data visualisation would be nice, if only to spur ideas at HIC for how they would like to track dataset usage via auditing.
    • Agreed to move towards a more frequent deploy-feedback loop in the new year. Initially fortnightly, with deploy and feedback running concurrently so that HIC have 2 weeks to work with a demo and give deeper, more reasoned feedback, and OMERO have 2 weeks to implement and evaluated suggestions from the previous round of feedback.
    • Meeting Finished: 14:35
    • Next meeting 6th Jan 2012
  • Action Items:

    • Alison - review auditing wishlist
    • Alison - Updated datasets & information about the "standardised" project schemas
    • Simon - Institute fortnightly deploy/feedback cycle in new year
    • Simon - Improve table display
    • Simon - Begin mocking up auditlog visualisations to spur further discussion
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