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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings OMERO/HIC Meetings 2011.09.30


Attending: Jason, Josh, Simon, Elwood, Andy


  • 2 week Review
  • Current 2 week plan
    • Complete #6895 (probably today/Monday) -- Simon & Elwood
    • Development environment setup for Elwood
    • Close last 2 tickets under #6446 -- Simon
    • Begin coding & closing tickets under #6165 -- Simon


  • Simon, Elwood, Josh, Jason, Andy


  • Development meeting
    • Josh / Elwood / Simon
    • Planning next steps
    • Just finished an introduction to existing codebase
  • Secure Alias
    • Added tickets / working on this
    • Particular scenario: "Patient enters their anonchi..."
    • ticket 6894
    • Plan: when they get to 'getting data from the server'
      • then look at the server bits with Josh
      • Andy: anonchi to prochi is one of the least likely to be done right away.
      • just a self-contained example that's the underlying tech.
  • Next 2 weeks
    • only got hic tickets for 2 weeks in the current milestone
    • get export of CSV working
    • Andy: good plan.
    • Andy: data is stil ok?
      • Simon: been using dummy data (developing on own laptop)
      • Jason: timescale for using real data?
      • Simon: not sure
      • Andy: meeting up with the team to work out how to push data to the silo
        • Start pushing that agenda; getting approvals in place.
      • Jason: high-level - try not to be developing and then run into bottlenecks later
        • worth trying to prioritize it?
        • Andy: defnitely, doing it now. With Duncan am talking to project owners.
        • Meeting week after next. Will keep pushing. 100% top priority.
    • Simon: priority is to get enough functionality to take it to Andy in the next 2 weeks to see if needs are being met
    • Andy: office space?
      • Again, don't want to let process get in the way
      • Jason: based on how many chairs we're just ok (about to be saturated). shortish/medium term
        • Then there's the issue of the multiple desks.
      • Andy: when getting data between silos we'll need more face time
        • perhaps the development for the new year.
    • Jason: one extra point
      • Call with Gianluigi last night
      • Change of focus
      • They're trying to focus on a biologist get a sample
        • "I want to walk away with sample X with a lot of metadata."
        • Clinical, genetics, sample location
      • What various groups things about anonymization
      • Time for the devs here and in Sardenia to talk.
      • Standing invitation
      • Questions about architecture and performance (certain conditions)
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