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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings OMERO/HIC Meetings 2011.07.22


Attending: Simon, Josh, Andy


  • Any Additional Feedback from Wellcome Trust Visit
  • Immediate Priorities: Focus on Governance


  • Primary discussion resolved around the governance and research requirements
    • The flow of data was discussed based on this pdf.
    • A balance needs to be kept between focusing on governance and providing research resources
    • The next major task will be support for producing "project silos" based on a single "dataset silo" (ticket 6320)
  • Andy (with others) has already written a similar app
    • screencast
    • MILA proceeded SHIP
    • The idea was that 15 silos would directly provide data from around Scotland, anonymizing on the fly
    • One use case for such a client would be real-time updates of data being analyzed ("gigabytes per minute")
  • Andy: happy with how flow of information on team is working
    • Josh and Simon: in general yes, but will need to get face-to-face time for showing code
    • Having one person set the agenda ("product owner") is a great benefit
    • plan on having face-to-face meetings every 3 months, steering meetings every 6 weeks, and code drops every 2 weeks (per sprint)
    • After each sprint, a change of priorities is not a problem; Andy can simply pick a new story.

Action Items

  • Josh via Chris: have a hic email alias setup
  • Josh and Simon: flush out ticket 6320
  • Andy: write up story for genetics data
  • Andy: to provide a SHIP governance document when ready
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