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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings OMERO/HIC Meetings 2012.01.06


Attending: Jason, Emma, Simon, Alison, Keith, Duncan


  • Action Items:
    • Alison - review auditing wishlist
    • Alison - Updated datasets & information about the "standardised" project schemas
    • Simon - Institute fortnightly deploy/feedback cycle in new year IN PROGRESS
    • Simon - Improve table display IN PROGRESS
    • Simon - Begin mocking up auditlog visualisations to spur further discussion DONE/IN PROGRESS , See #7382 & #7387
  • Screenshots/Movies for upcoming steering committee meeting
  • Planning:
    • Code clean up in preparation for move to newer OMERO codebase, Advantages:
      • [1] updated OMERO server,
      • [2] newer Django version,
      • [3] cleaner OMERO.web extension points
  • AOCB


  • Jason, Emma, Simon, Alison, Keith, Duncan


  • ALISON: working on action items interrupted by festive period.
  • Fortnightly schedule is beginning now. Aim is for an updated demo server deployment every fortnight. HIC work with the tool and provide feedback at the end of the fortnight, whilst OMERO devs respond to the previous round of feedback from HIC. This should ensure that an iterative development rhythm is established and maintained. This action item will be considered DONE once the system is up and running, i.e. at next biweekly meeting
  • DUNCAN: preference for face to face meetings. Meetings should occasionally be F2F. Agreed next bi/weekly meeting should be f2f @ HIC
  • SIMON: Working on datatables
  • SIMON: Some mockups produced, will be used at the next steering committee meeting on Wednesday on 11th January 2012. This is an ongoing dialogue between HIC & OMERO to develop software that conforms to the needs of HIC so is considered complete as an action item, but the ticket will remain open as a collection point for subsequent UX mockups.
  • JASON: To produce slides for steering committee using the existing mockups to show direction of development
  • SIMON: As Josh & Elwood away, can only speak for self, but the next week or so is given over to development (1) finish datatables display ticket, & (2) cleanup/refactor codebase in preparation for moving to newer OMERO codebase.

Action Items

  • JASON: steering committee slides

  • SIMON: Refactoring prep for code rebase

  • SIMON: datatables

  • SIMON: Institute fortnightly deploy/feedback cycle in new year

  • HIC FOLK (ALISON?): Arrange next meeting as f2f @ HIC (with Josh video/tele-conferenced in)

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