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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings OMERO/HIC Meetings 2011.09.16


Attending: Josh, Simon, Scott, Andy, Jason

No Agenda


  • Last mtg. Aug 18
  • No agenda, then...
  • Simon: re: email
    • Get Andrew to sign off for stability
  • Jason: phone calls
    • Nothing has changed
    • Still all about getting the data into the system.
    • and about getting to production
  • Lots of buy in
    • Discussion about moving the data in side to OMERO
  • Silo (4625)
    • Josh: before the discussions, plan was to attempt a audit workflow slice in websilo
    • Simon: still sounds like the way to go.
    • Andy: Alison to send auditor log next week
  • Space
    • Having someone up in HIC is important to make this doable
    • Possibly could go in circles every few weeks.
    • Grade 7 advertisement is in place
  • 4625 is still our map
    • Endorsement across the board
    • Simon: Story for the bit we're not doing? (uni-side)
    • Need to get things ticketed.
  • Done at 14:34 UK
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