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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings OMERO/HIC Meetings 2012.02.03


Attending: Jason, Emma, Simon, Alison, Keith, Duncan, Scott, Kevin


  1. Action Items

    • Simon: Story: #7832 HIC Folk on trac/mailing lists &c. [DONE]
    • HIC Folk: Investigate storing master anon. data sets on the OMERO-VM hosted at hic. [ ongoing ]
    • Alison - Updated datasets & information about the "standardised" project schemas [ongoing]
    • Simon: Datatables/UX #6137 [ ongoing ]
    • Scott & Alison: HIC Workflow Mapping - from master anon. dataset through project extraction (Metformin or other) - Scott & Alison to collaborate and determine workflow / UI [ ongoing ]
  2. Status

    • Simon: Focussed on VM issues related to OMERO.
    • Scott: Looking at the internal code structure of the solution so far.
  3. Duncan/HIC: SOP & Data Protection Issues Related to NHS Datasets

  4. Scott at HIC on a weekly basis - workflow mapping initially?

  5. Plan

  6. Any other business


  • Jason, Emma, Simon, Alison, Keith, Duncan, Scott, Kevin


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